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23403Re: Help: Cinzovni dum and other housing market terms

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  • coilinoc
    Aug 1 2:50 AM
      Thanks Tomas!
      The "obcan" theory is quite interesting...
      > > Finally what do you guys make of "obcane" e.g.
      > > U tohoto typu bydleni si obcane zacinaji vice uvedomovat rizika
      > > mozneho uvaleni konkurzu nebo jinych problemu spojenych s jejich
      > > cinnosti a cinnosti jejich statutarních zastupcu"
      > > Surely "people" would suffice here in English...?
      > I think this is a kind of an unfortunate term in Czech. The writer
      > probably felt "lide" would be too informal(for no good reason,
      > and so decided to go with something more formal, like "obcane". To
      > me personally, "obcan" reminds me often of Russian as in the USSR
      > people not knowing each other used that word in order to avoid the
      > capitalist "pan/pani". In the CSSR, only cops (and official
      > announcin mobilizations and such) tended to use this form of
      > address. But perhaps that is just me (?).
      > Tom
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