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23137RE: [Czechlist] HELP: IT terms (do pole - do okna)

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  • Helga Humlova
    Jul 6, 2004
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      Okno (window) je to v cem se ti otevre nejaky program. Pole
      (block/field/panel) je ten prostor v okne ktery je v tvym pripade vyhrazen
      pro zadani (typing in) hesla.

      Dofam ze to byl zpravny revanz :-)


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      Subject: [Czechlist] HELP: IT terms (do pole - do okna)

      I think quite obvious for many, but I need to make it clear. What is
      the difference in IT between: zadejte (napiste) do okna vs. do pole?
      Or may I interchange these two more or less?

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