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21845Re: [Czechlist] re: Czechia revisited

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  • Terminus Technicus
    May 18, 2004
      > The last time I went to my favorite Korean restaurant in New York, their
      > bear menu featured "Pilsner (Czecho)."

      YESS! That's my favourite :)

      (didn't know Korean cuisine was big on bear meat, though :)

      BTW, I don't mind Cesko at all, as long as it is used informally - i.e. OK
      in a newspaper headline about the country as a physical entity (Cesko drzi
      rekord v piti piva etc.), less OK if it concerns the country as a political
      entity - za (Cesko byl pritomen premier Spidla), not OK in "Vyrobeno v
      Cesku" etc.. but I guess it'll get there one day

      I'm not sure about Czechia and don't know why it should be THE equivalent to
      Cesko, but if NS's say they prefer it to (for example) Czecho (which I admit
      is highly informal), then I'll live with it..

      People still bought it. :-) I think
      > the whole argument that we're seen as a country that doesn't know what to
      > call itself and thereby hurt its image reeks of pompous provincialism.


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