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20831Re: [Czechlist] next of kin

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  • Terminus Technicus
    Apr 1, 2004
      > In a message dated 3/31/2004 12:00:57 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      czechlist@... writes:
      > > I think it's a nice way of considering a partner one's not married
      > Absolutely, completely, 100% dangerously wrong!
      > "Kin" is a very common word for relative. "Next of kin" means your
      nearest relative.

      Yeah, I know that, but why are they saying that person does not have to be a
      relative... my wife doesn't get on with her family and before we got
      married, or if we didn't get married, I'm sure she'd prefer me to come to
      the hospital instead of her "relatives"... I think the sentence was trying
      to accomodate for that, even if it used the wrong word (kin) - possibly
      because somebody was sensible and saw that a partner can be your "closest
      person" without you being married to them - it was just a thought, but I
      don't see any other way to explain the conflict between the two sentences...

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