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2018Re: [Czechlist] restricted competetion

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  • Michael Grant
    Aug 31, 2000
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      >I'm interested to hear if an agency has ever asked you to undertake not to
      >compete with it directly when giving you a job. That is if they wanted you
      >to sign a document saying you would not take a job of the nature the agency
      >provides from the same client as who the job is for in your own name for a
      >certain period of time. Any details?

      Practically universal in the US--not poaching clients is considered a
      fundamental tenet of professional ethics. Of course there are limits,
      which some agencies try to abuse. Make sure the clause has a
      reasonable time limit, that it applies only to clients for which the
      agency has assigned work to you, and that it is the agency's
      responsibility to inform you of the client's identity.


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