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19379Re: baby Ford

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  • robert_s_morrison
    Feb 2, 2004
      > Hi Robert,
      > Nice to see you on the list. Interesting interpretation you have
      there, but I'm not entirely convinced because there are so many
      mentions of 'Baby Ford' on Google in connection with diminutive
      versions of the car (seems there's some kind of Acid House band
      called 'Baby Ford' too). I even found a couple of sites that refer to
      a "Model Y Baby Ford" or "Baby Ford Y 8HP" produced back in 1932-1933:
      > http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/norvegia/gratt_00.htm
      > http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/norvegia/gratt_01.htm
      > http://www.wnsstamps.ch/en/search?country=CY&year=2003
      > though I rather doubt that this is an 'official' name, and my
      impression after browsing around a bit is that 'baby Ford' is
      sometimes used loosely with a general diminutive meaning and without
      necessarily referring to any particular model. BTW IMHO 'fordka'
      could refer to any Ford but 'fordik' more adequately suggests
      diminutive size.
      > M.

      Point well taken, Melvyn. I can see this is going to be a lively and
      interesting discussion group. It was the juxtaposition of "pre-war"
      and "baby" that originally lead me to my interpretation. "Pre-war
      baby" is a fairly common phrase with the meaning I mentioned. I also
      Googled to verify that my impression was correct. "pre-war baby Ford"
      yields no results (as expected, or else Michaela would not have asked
      her question), while "pre-war baby" yields four pages of results with
      the meaning I pointed out. "baby ford" yields many pages of results,
      but mostly about the musical group (first 15 pages or so). So it is
      still possible that the little "fordik" is just a normal
      Ford "veteran"... :-)
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