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18723Re: [Czechlist] huba versus snout (was Czechs in Texas)

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  • Joe Janecka
    Jan 4, 2004
      On Sat, 3 Jan 2004 16:56:45 +0100, you wrote:

      >A Czech speaker once told me that huba refers to an animals snout
      > and therefore dej mi hubicku means kiss my snout.
      >I would quite disagree with an assertion that huba is a snout. You can
      >use huba about an animal, but tlama is more usual. A snout is a fairly
      >specific kind and Czech rypak or cumak is usually the best translation.
      >Huba is basically a mug, like in mugshot, and there are a few other
      >possibilities of usage and rendition in English.
      >Jirka Bolech

      Thanks Jirka,

      About my only source of information in the past has been some old
      Slovniks which referred to huba as a mug, muzzle, or mouth. In
      either case, I think the expression "dej mi hubicku" sounds better and
      more intimate than "dej mi pusu" I have never heard the word "tlama".
      Rypak and cumak is quite common here since I raised pigs back in my

      I would guess that "hubicka" translates only to the word "kiss"
      without referring to a location. If I need a location, I would add
      it, like "dej mi hubicku na tvar".

      Na Shledanou,
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