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17453Re: Czechia revisited

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  • janvanek
    Oct 1, 2003
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      > > I would say naming countries is more often political process than
      > > may admit.

      Witness The Formal Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - suddenly it seems
      we still didn't end up that badly :-)

      --- In Czechlist@yahoogroups.com, Mgr. Lenka Mandryszová
      > I would not be that pessimistic. The biggest problem I see is the
      > confusion with Chechnya.

      Hm, how common? I read somewhere that "cech" was used as a nickname
      for Chechens in Russia so one would probably do better with "ne
      streljajte, ja cechoslovackij!" there, but I suppose there can't be
      so many people even in... um, outside Europe who'd think we had two
      wars with Russia in a decade and the capital levelled.
      Certainly the Slovakia/Slovenia confusion must be much more frequent,
      though perhaps a little bit less annoying.

      Jan Vanek jr.

      malyctenar.blogspot.com - jak Randroidi prekladaji "late Mr. XY"?
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