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1674Re: [Czechlist] Chranene bydleni

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  • Michael Grant
    Aug 3 11:50 AM
      > If it's strictly
      > >temporary, the term is "halfway house" (at least on my side of the
      > >ditch).
      >Halfway house is used for prisoners, who are getting prepared for civilian
      >life, and they work during the day and come to halfway house to sleep in
      >night, under lock and supervision of prison officials, at least at same places

      But it's also used for people with disabilities or serious injuries,
      mental or physical illness, or addictions from which they are
      recovering, who still require some assistance but are learning the
      necessary skills to live on their own. AHD defines halfway house as
      "A rehabilitation center, esp. for people who have left an


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