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15271Re: [CzechEd] "k" for "tis."

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  • Michael Grant
    May 2, 2003
      On 5/2/03 12:25 PM, "Pecinkova - Prekladatelsky servis"
      <pecinkova@...> wrote:

      > can any American native speaker confirm that American accounting materials
      > and financials in general use "k" for our Czech "tis."? (1,897k)
      > I am quite sure I have already seen it but just to be sure and to make a
      > mistake.

      I think it would be readily understood, but it's nowhere near universal.
      Personally if I were going to use it, I'd put a space between the number and
      letter, and I'd probably use an upper-case K.
      Most big American companies post their annual reports online in PDF format.
      Maybe you could download a couple of those for reference.


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