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14907Re: [Czechlist] Re: Internetova prezentace

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  • Matej Klimes
    Apr 4, 2003
      I capitalize it (in English, and in Czech) when talking about Internet as in
      "the thing" and lower-case it in words like internet-based, or internetova
      in Czech... more a personal taste than a rule...

      Is that being inconsistent??


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      > In a message dated 4/4/03 7:44:52 AM, coilin.oconnor@... writes:
      > > Speaking of the internet, what do the other NSers think with regard to
      > > capitalisation. When the word first became common parlance I always
      > > capitalised it as I perceived it as a place, but now I am getting used
      > > seeing it in lower case and the capitalised version looks a little
      > > cumbersome now. Having said that, both Word spellcheck and the COED
      > > capitalise the word so I still do as well. I can't help feeling a little
      > > old fashioned though... What do you guys do?
      > >
      > That one's still in flux, and the dictionaries can't keep up with it.
      > like the old days when proofreaders would have fights with techies because
      > the Webster's still listed "data base".
      > I still capitalize "Internet", but I think I'm about to start lowercasing
      > Remember the good old days of "Web site"?
      > Jamie
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