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14875Re: [Czechlist] Re: Internetova prezentace

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  • Matej Klimes
    Apr 1, 2003
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      Actually, I think there's nothing fancy in an "internetova prezentace",
      except maybe the speaker's trying to be fancy...

      Quite often one of those "Hello, this is the webpage of the XY s.r.o.
      company..." (and nothing else except for a snail mail address) excuses for
      websites will be called internetova prezentace...

      Website does not have a Czech equivalent (apart from the IT techhie slang
      "sajt", we tend to say internetove or webove stranky, which does not sound
      very good, nor it is technically correct, that's why some people try to say
      something more fancy...).

      IMHO website is the best equivalent in English, unless the site has some
      special features, in which case you may go for something like web-based
      database, etc. etc...


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      > > Hi Coilin,
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      > > > "internetova prezentace" [...] just a fancy expression for "website".
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      > > that's what I think, too - a website, perhaps a fancy one.
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      > If it's fancy then how about "Internet/web showcase"?
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