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13818Re: [Czechlist] Colleague

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  • Michael Grant
    Dec 31, 2002
      On 7/28/17 1:29 PM, "Tony Long" <tonylong@...> wrote:

      > I'm experiencing what my quacks insist on categorising as 'significant
      > discomfort' this Christmas. This translates as screaming bloody agony unless
      > I'm stoned out of my skull on the drugs they're dispensing by the cartload -
      > Must be doing something to my paranoia threshold. Guess I'll have to turn up
      > the gain and just respond to the stronger signals.

      May the new year bring you relief and a full recovery from what's ailing

      > What's a soda jerk anyway? Some kind of barman for soft drinks?

      Something like that. He's the guy who used to mix drinks like "malteds" and
      "phosphates" at old-fashioned Norman Rockwell-type drugstore soda fountains.


      michael grant is poised to make some noise in '99
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