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12709Re: [Czechlist] HELP: terms

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  • Zdenek Mikan
    Sep 30, 2002
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      Ahoj Jardo,

      Diky za duveru, ale ty vyrazy mi nic moc nerikaji. V posledni vete:

      "An original image displayed on the CRT monitor had a proximal field of 2°
      visual field and a background that was a neutral gray with 20% luminance

      bych asi zkusil to proximal field uplne vynechat a nechat tam jen zorne
      pole 2° nebo blízké zorné pole 2°. (Existuji dva standardy mereni barevnych
      souradnic barev podle komice CIE (Comission International d'Eclairage),
      jeden s pokrytim 10 stupnu zorneho pole oka a druhy s pokrytim 2 stupnu.)

      Zdenek Mikan

      >Thanks to all who have responded to my query so far. Sorry once more for
      >bothering you with the three attempts, I was rather tired after sitting in
      >front of a computer all day long.
      >Of course, the whole piece is about coloristics, as Jirka has pointed out
      >rightly, only I could not come across any proper expression in English and
      >was lazy to look it up in a dictionary, that is why I said "computers"
      >(although Zdeněk, whom I mentioned, deals predominantly with software, and
      >not hardware).
      >Anyway, at the time I was posting it, I had already searched Google and all
      >the resources that might at least remotely have something to say about the
      >topic. I had also made my rough guesses, but still I felt I needed the help
      >from somebody who is really familiar with this topic.
      >So, my rendering of the terms was as follows:
      >blue hue loci = mista modreho odstinu or just modra mista ?
      >ramp data = linearne rostouci udaje ? (I do not believe this is a good
      >translation of it but I still have nothing better)
      >tristimulus values = hodnoty trichromatickych slozek ?
      >proximal field = proximalni pole (i.e. smerem ke stredu) ?
      >Is there anybody who could confirm if these suggestions are of any value at
      >all, and if not, preferably provide better ones?
      >Thanks again.
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