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12473Re[2]: [Czechlist] Re: TERM: affect

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  • Michael Trittipo
    Sep 2, 2002
      >> When in his opinion does "A [in place of|instead of] B" mean "A *AND
      >> NOT* B" (i.e., where there was B, remove it, and in its place put A) and
      >> when does it mean "*EITHER* A *OR* B interchangeably"?

      SV> Can they ever mean the latter? If so, could you furnish me with examples,
      SV> to make that usage clearer to me? Thanks!

      That was why I asked. I wrote "in place of" meaning the former. And
      then you wrote "The two are not interchangeable." I hadn't said
      anything about interchangeability; I wrote only "in place of." Yet you
      appeared to have read me as saying something about mutual universal
      interchangeability rather than a sometimes better one-way substitution
      for an over-used and sometimes misplaced "influence."
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