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12465Re: [Czechlist] Re: TERM: affect

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  • JPKIRCHNER@aol.com
    Sep 2, 2002
      In a message dated 9/2/02 4:53:02 AM, rachelandsimon@... writes:

      >> When in his opinion does "A [in place of|instead of] B" mean "A *AND
      >> NOT* B" (i.e., where there was B, remove it, and in its place put A) and
      >> when does it mean "*EITHER* A *OR* B interchangeably"?

      >Can they ever mean the latter?

      I don't think they can ever mean the latter. Unless someone can show me
      cases of it, I'll assume someone is having what I call a "proofreader's

      Note also that "stead" means "place", e.g., "I have come in his stead."
      Webster's New World Collegiate defines "instead" as "in place of the person
      or thing mentioned". And how about "in lieu", which also means "in stead"
      and "in place", because "lieu" means "place"?

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