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12059Re: [Czechlist] Address - origin?

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  • Simon Vaughan
    Jul 31, 2002
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      Hi David,

      > > According to the entry for the prefix ad- in the New Shorter Oxford
      > > English Dictionary, the second d was there 'originally', i.e. in the
      > > Latin source for the French word: ad + directum. Interestingly, the
      > > Romanian and Italian versions of the word retain the double d.
      > Are we talking about modern (contemporary) Italian? Not that it is my
      > forte, but I don't think I've ever seen/heard anything but "indirizzo" for
      > "address". Or maybe I just misunderstood what you've written.

      My etymological dictionary gives 'addirizzare' as an Italian cognate of the
      verb 'address' (from which the noun is derived). The dictionary doesn't
      specify that it's old, but I couldn't find it in the online Italian-English
      dictionary I consulted.

      I have to admit that I wrongly attributed 'addrictiare' to Romanian: it was
      preceded by French, Spanish and Italian cognates and by the abbreviation
      'Rom.', so I assumed it was Romanian; it also looks kind of Romanian to me.
      But in fact it is proto-Romance (the dictionary uses the abbreviation 'Rum.'
      for Romanian, thereby showing its age).

      I'll try and do my research more thoroughly in future. :-)

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