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12046Re: [Czechlist] Address - origin?

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  • JPKIRCHNER@aol.com
    Jul 31, 2002
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      In a message dated 7/31/02 7:20:52 AM, gjicinska@... writes:

      >Tell me pls: the source you used ... is it avaliable at a reasonable price
      >in Prague. I asked around here in Pardubice but didn't have any luck

      I didn't use any direct source. I used that Webster's dictionary, and the
      rest came from what is packed in my head from my graduate education in
      linguistics. Any good, comprehensive book on the history of the English
      language will have that information about misguided attempts to "correct" the
      language. One of the best is the book "A Biography of the English Language",
      which is expensive but worth the money (if you think things like that are
      important). I can't find my copy right here, so I can't give you the author
      or publisher.

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