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11802A few marketing terms/abbrevs

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  • Josef Hlavac
    Jul 7, 2002
      Hello everyone,

      Translating a computer text that turned into marketing, I am stuck at
      several terms and abbreviations. It all concerns promotional activities
      for a certain brand in different stores. Unfortunately, most of them are
      labels in an Excel sheet, so there's not much context. Could anyone give
      me a hint?

      P&L (I thought Parts&Labor but it does not fit the context very well)
      Norm Off Invoice Discount (no context)
      MIS Net (no context), or MIS Sales
      RSP Sales (no context)
      Net Sales Net (why the "double net" ???)
      Cont 1 (a number in pounds indicating some kind of gain?)
      Share of Promotional Voice (no clue)

      TIA, Joe

      Mailto: Josef "Joe" Hlavac <joe@...>
      Phone: +420-776-736715
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