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11560Re: ADMIN: Desperate spammer

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  • melvyn.geo
    Jun 5 10:48 AM
      Rachel wrote:
      > I don't know what more complicated ways spammers have of collecting
      >addresses from Yahoogroups, but it seems to me there is one very easy
      >way - subscribe to the list, sit quiet and collect addresses from
      >the mails of the active contributors, then spam them offlist.

      That is why I believe that turning off the members list does not help.
      I think we should also bear in mind the fact that the members list is
      actually quite a useful facility for many people - other list members
      have enthused to me about how they can use it to check out who is
      online at any particular moment and send "instant messages" to
      colleagues as well as look up their profiles, URLs etc. It seems a
      pity to me that an offlist spammer should "stampede" us into closing
      it down but there you go.

      >I don't see any easy way of stopping this

      Me neither apart from the obvious remedy of using your filters.

      Melvyn (unspammed as yet)
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