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11207PBfaGE: Nabizime Vam

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  • Erik Piper
    May 2, 2002
      Melvyn asked:

      > How do you deal with 'nabizime Vam' in this kind of commercial context?

      > Nabizime Vam usporadani hudebniho programu jako soucast spolecenske akce.

      > ? We can arrange a music programme as part of your social event.
      > ? We can include a programme of music in your social event.

      I like the latter solution because it's short, although I don't much "get"
      the use of "in." I "offer you" the following:

      We offer [yes, offer] music program[me]s [for/to accompany] your social
      We can provide music program[me]s [for/to accompany] your social

      > I find "nabizime Vam" is often awkward

      I think it's because English tends to express the "to you" part through
      other parts of the sentence.

      > because "we offer you" IMHO
      > frequently sounds performative (like "we thank you", "I name this
      > ship", "I promise" etc) and that can appear rather brash and silly in
      > a business context.

      Hmm. I sometimes find it quite "fresh" or "invigorating," at least when
      used "s mirou." (Miro, kde ses?!?) Don't you say in BrE "I thank you for
      your call," for example? And what about "We promise this unfortunate
      incident will not recur?"

      > 'We are offering you' is seldom any better

      Sounds Czenglish much of the time.

      > and "we have xyz on offer" rarely works.

      > Elsewhere: we can offer you, we can provide you with, you can
      get/buy/obtain/purchase etc?

      Those all sound good to these ears.

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