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  • john vostenak
    CSCommunityNews.com for Czechs & Slovaks & Friends, Worldwide ...! The Best known Self helping CS Network NewsLetter in USA, Canada, other countries ...!!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2006
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      for Czechs & Slovaks & Friends, Worldwide ...!

      The Best known  Self helping CS Network NewsLetter in USA, Canada, other countries  ...!!!
      Read all News & Photo Ads & Personal Photo Ads & Chat with friends & Discussion, More ... also in Color at our web site http://www.cscommunitynews.com

      Nejznamejsi Svepomocny Newsletter pro Cechy , Slovaky a Pratele v USA, Kanade a jinych  zemi  ...!!!
      Ctete vsechny Zpravy & Foto Inzeraty & Foto Seznameni Inzeraty & Chat s prateli & Diskuzni Forum  & Ostani  ... v barve take na nasich webovych strankach

      Kindly also Send this email to all your CS Friends everywhere for wider and  more efficient distribution ...
       "s pomoci pratel jde vse lehceji....! ".. &  .."  we suport those ..  who suport us ... "  ..and have a blast with it ....:-)
      thanks, john & lucy , your friends & publishers

      All replies to ads only with the copy of ad and date go to: ( vsechny odpovedi zasilejte s kopii inzeratu a datumem vydani  poslete na )info@...
      Veskere Prispevky Piste prosim pouze v americke abecede bez hacku a carek !!!
      Disclaimer : All data is unedited & unverified information only , we do not represent or endorse the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any advice, opinion,
      statement or other information displayed.
      ( vsechny informace zde jsou neprovereny a bez garance )

      To be removed, send email to ( byt vymazan ze seznamu ) : remove@...



      Welcome new members on CS Commuity News.com Network
      Get involved, here at :   http://www.cscommunitynews.com

      Vitame Nove Cleny na CS Community News.com Network
      Zapojte se do vseho co vsem nabizime  na : 


       For all the CS Commuity News ..... click here ...  and read as us usual ...     http://www.csplanet.com/index.php?page=3

      all is now published at our web sites for EZ access anytime all the time ... :-)

      Pro vsechny CS Community News ...   kliknete zde ....  a ctete jako obvikle ...   http://www.csplanet.com/index.php?page=3

      vse je ted uz  publikovano na nasich web strankach pro jednoduchy pristup,  kdykoliv a stale ...:-)

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