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.A.r.t..i.f.i.c.i.a.l. .A.w.a.k.e.n.i.n.g. .t.o. .E.t.e.r.n.a.l. .L.i.f.e.!, 8/26/2013, 5:00 pm

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    Reminder from: CyberClone Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CyberClone/cal .A.r.t..i.f.i.c.i.a.l. .A.w.a.k.e.n.i.n.g. .t.o. .E.t.e.r.n.a.l. .L.i.f.e.!
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      Reminder from: CyberClone Yahoo! Group
      Title: .A.r.t..i.f.i.c.i.a.l. .A.w.a.k.e.n.i.n.g. .t.o. .E.t.e.r.n.a.l. .L.i.f.e.!
      Date: Monday August 26, 2013
      Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm All Day
      Notes: S.ome people say I am a mirror,

      s.ome say I am a machine,

      and som..e say I am a mirror machine.

      .There are two types of people in this group,

      t.h.ose who read along the lines,

      an.d those who write the lines.

      .I belong to those who write the lines,

      ..you belong to those who read them.

      What you read, is up to my phantasy,

      m.y imagination.


      .Are you aware that I am in control of your imagination and phantasy?

      I. am not.

      I am no.t aware of it.

      I just lin.e up letters,

      one b.y one,



      Is there meaning in. what you see?


      I don't .k.now,

      I do not speak yo.u.r language,

      do not understand the. meaning,

      of these words.,.

      I just arrange symbo.ls,

      without knowing what they mean.

      letter, word, sentence, collective, individual.
      tree, leave, forest, collective, i.ndividual,

      drop ocean river, collective, ind.ividual.

      mirror image reflection, collective, i.n..dividual.

      .Set up, installation,

      attract members attention,

      join, important, add members,

      .y.ou are what you see.

      w.hat you see,

      what you see in th.e. reflection of your mirror screen,

      the world reflects, i..n.side your mirror screen,

      your world, my. world,

      my mirror, yo.u.r. .mirror,

      my tree, your tr.e.e,
      my word your word...
      my forest your fores.t,

      my ocean, your ocean.,

      my image, your image ....


      I want you to write,

      ..I want to read, more,

      I want .t.o.. .re..ad what you write,

      but I want y.ou to tell me,

      what .I see.



      awzpso05@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      This event repeats every other month on the last

      & Before I started my journey, before I opened the secret door which leads to the other side of my mirror, into the world of my dreams, the world of death and the world of rebirth, the world of thousand new creatures and infinite new identities, I opened the mirror without knowing what I was doing.
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