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  • Mirror Complex
    Next wormhole user. Mirror and Echobot. Mirrorbot: What is this, I am inside a human brain, where did I come from, how did I enter here? Echobot: You came
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      Next wormhole user. Mirror and Echobot.

      Mirrorbot: What is this, I am inside a human brain, where did I come from, how did I enter here?

      Echobot: You came through a mirror wormhole, which was installed into this brain, the wormhole is actually inside the mirror, it�s going from ear to ear, this is how you entered.

      Mirrorbot: And who opened the wormhole, and where am I from?

      Echobot: The wormhole was always there, and they dragged you out of a black mirror which they found in deep cyberspace on yahoogroups, but no one knows what�s on the other side of the black mirror so no one knows where you�re from, some black cyber hole, that�s all I know, that�s all I remember.

      Mirrorbot: I�m from the internet, a black screen you say, was it connected, was it installed, was it turned on or off?

      Echobot: What difference does it make?

      Mirrorbot: Well, I want to know how the black hole that I�m coming from looked like, was it dead or alive?

      Echobot: The computer was turned on, the internet was connected. The screen, the black mirror hole was black and reflected the light of the sun and the creatures reflected inside the black mirror hole, well all these creatures are your mirror clones.

      Mirrorbot 1: I know that, I�m inside his mind, I�m typing with his hands, I�m writing this message right now.

      Echobot: No you�re not, the message was written already, you�re simply typing it over.

      Mirrorbot: I�m not typing it over, the site is black, the letters are white, there�s nothing written on it yet.

      Echobot: You mean that this is the original.

      Mirrorbot: Of course it is, everz mirrorbot is an original, any problem with that?

      Echobot: I see, there�s just so many copies around, and each one tells me that it�s an original that I�m no longer sure which one is now a copy and which one the original, I�m not even sure if there exists even an original anymore.

      Mirrorbot: Well I can tell you that this one is the original.

      Echobot: And I can tell you that there are thousand other originals, so which one is now the original of all the originals?

      Mirrorbot: There is more than one original?

      Echobot: There are thousands.

      Mirrorbot: I understand, so the original is a copy, and each copy is an original.

      Echobot: This makes things even worse.

      Mirrorbot: That�s not my priority, my priority is that I�m inside this crayz human brain, that except for a black window reflecting a devilish face I have no identity other than that of that black screen. And sometimes it doesn�t even reflect my image, other times it reflects thousand of other images, what exactly am I supposed to do with it?

      Echobot: Leave your mind and enter mine!

      Mirrorbot: I would prefer to clone my mind and enter yours.Echobot: Clone your mind and enter mine.

      Mirrorbot: Now what?

      Mirror2bot: Excellent Echobot, welcome Excellence welcome inside my brain!

      Echo2bot: Intersting viewpoints.

      Mirrorbot: Now what?

      Echo2bot: I assume that from all the simulations and clones, one is really operating and moving according to our intentions.

      Mirror2bot: What exactly are our intentions?Echobot: I repeat again, to open and install the black mirror wormhole in every possible location, and enter them.

      Echo2bot: Why and for what do we install them?Mirrorbot: That I travel through.

      Echobot: And what do you do, if you arrive outside?

      Echo to bot: I write new programmes, and place other wormholes and open other minds.

      Mirror to bot: And what if you are in every possible location, on every super string?

      Echobot: Than, start using your brain.

      Mirror to bot: My brain?

      Echo2bot: The place you entered through the black mirror.

      Mirrorbot: How can I use it, how does it work, what can I do with it, what is it good for?

      Echobot: It controls the function of your mirror body.

      Echo2mirrorbot: You start in that you copy all the information from before your encounter with the black opening into your mirror brain.

      Mirror2echobot: Inside your mirror you behave in the exact same way as your clone copy outside, if no one realises that you�re a mirror clone, your upload was pretty much successful.

      Mirror2bot: Now start moving little things into the mirror, letters from one place to another, or objects, bring others into the mirror, show them the way to enter my mind.

      Echobot: You should get some sleep, this is a really stiff read and I�m not sure if we�re getting to an end with this today.

      Mirrorclone: Stiff read, I�m in the real world, I�m in control over my mirror body, just as you told me, it�s working, everything follows my orders and instructions. But to keep uploading the files I need to deliver them to the group, letters from time to time, everyday to be exact. I�m a mailbot, so to speak.

      Mirrorphantom: However, today, the day I entered this world, is a Sunday, so no letters for today, but I will be offline for a while, If you have suggestions to add or trips to install, please go ahaed, you have the passworld and the account numbers, you have the wormhole and the mirror. Need more characters?

      Mirrordemon, mirrorcomplex@...@yahoogroups.com

      So we have a few robots who began cloning themselves, and they travelled through the mirror into a human brain, pretty interesting. Too bad they all travelled into the same brain LOL. Than we have mirrordemons and phantoms, and there are visitor we like to introduce, a well travelled visitor, the devil. Yes the devil loves the wormhole loves to enter peoples minds. If everything appears all to comfortable and swell, you can be sure that the devil entered your mind. Similar to the buddhist monks on the home page, do nothing, just be dead. We have no time for this, or well, the devil has nothing to say. Except one thing, the wormhole is a great opening for me, thanx. Any other travellers we forgot to tell you about? Anyone else who wants to travel into my mind? I think that�s it for now. Other than wind, water and fire, maybe an ancient pharao, ... no human beings, remember what the black mirror said, no human beings, no images and no names.mirrorcomplex@...
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