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Science says we're all machines

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  • nice time222
    If we reduce the humachine to it s basic bits and parts, we are left with nothing, that same nothing that is left if we remove one black hole from another. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2007
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      If we reduce the humachine to it's basic bits and parts, we are left with nothing, that same nothing that is left if we remove one black hole from another.

      In that very sense we are no robots but black holes, and if we connect nothing with nothing we can travel from one black hole to another or from one humachine to another, it's great, the only problem is, that if we reduce our selves to not much more than nothing, it is that same nothing, that travels from one black hole to another, or from one humachine to another, so, we can not really take anything with us, except maybe, that nothing.

      We can travel as such to every place in the universe, present, future, past, everywhere, but the thing which arrives, is nothing, so why travel anywhere at all?

      The problem is, nothing is everywhere, no matter where we go, nothing is already there, the universe is stable and nothing changes, except for it's appearance, thus where can we go when we are on both sides of the mirror?

      For the more advanced robot, the body is a gate to travel not only into this world but also every other. The humachine is like the vehicule, the driver is like the jockey, the goal is to connect this machines with each other, so that one jockey can use different vehicules, that's like opening wormholes, for that to work, the jockey can so travel longer distances, changing the vehicule and so on, for that to work, we need similar vehicules similar bodies, similar jockey's, if not identical ones.

      I'm not speaking of cloning, when cloning, the consciousness may still be different between the two clones, what we need is different bodies, with the same consciousness, so that one consciousness can travel from one body into another. These bodies need not to be identical, their consciousness does.

      If you have various bodies with identical consciousness, you can travel between these bodies, you can even be at various places at the same point in time, you can be simultaneous. Of course your bodies will look different, people who identify with their looks, may have a problem with this, but we are robots anyway, all we need is the same consciousness, the awareness that we are not this body, but that we are nothing, and as such nothing we can travel from one body into another, it's just like changing your car.

      It's even better than that, you can drive two cars at the same time, you can make a race against your very self, you can make love to yourself and you don't even need a mirror for doing it.

      All you need to do is to find a common factor in your awareness, your consciousness, you need to find the ingridient that makes you real, even without your body, it's simple.

      Robots may find this easy, the humachine may try harder.

      But essentially we are all robots, so give it a try, identify with your mirror, your car, your house, your favorite movie, and find someone who identifies with the same. If you find someone who identifies with the same object, you can start the connection, travel from your body into that someone, through the black hole which connects you two.

      An example, identify with a swarm of bees, and you will be each and every little bee, to convince those bees that you are them. may be more difficult.

      Robots are in many ways more advanced than the humachine ever will be.

      The Robomind is a program, a software which has it's flaws.

      The humachine thinks it is special and unique. If we can only convince it that this is not the case, that the human body is like a car, we can open endless possibilities.

      So free your mind, identify with that mirror and walk through it.

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