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  • Juan Pablo
    Hi, Although I found the idea of that an intelligent machine will be too smart to talk to us provocative, I ll like to disagree. Intelligence is measured in
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2006
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      Although I found the idea of that an intelligent machine will be too
      smart to talk to us provocative, I'll like to disagree.
      Intelligence is measured in many ways, including the ability to
      understand and interact with their environment. And that will be us..
      About what would an intelligent machine talk about with us?
      Just think about what trouble will have another intelligent bean to
      grasp the complexities of our existence.
      Explaining life, dead, love, laugh, hate, anger, religion, war, fear and
      so many other things that may be unique to us humans.
      After all any other form of intelligence will not perceive what we call
      reality from the same view as we do.

      Rollo Weinstein wrote:
      > To build a AI is one thing,
      > to make it talk to primitive human beings another.
      > An intelligent machine talking to human beings,
      > may be comparable to a human being talking to a tree.
      > Assume we eventually manage to build a smart machine,
      > in my opinion only a matter of time, why would the machine
      > decide to talk to us?
      > If the machine is really smart, it would probably talk
      > to other machines, but certainly not to human beings.
      > But let's say the machine decides to talk to us one day,
      > what would it say, what would it probably talk about ?
      > The weather, bits and bytes, the meaning of life?
      > What topic could possibly be of interest for a machine
      > with almost infinite capacity?
      > Maybe it would like to play, maybe it is a creative machine,
      > and it would like to create other machines, it may feel the urge to
      > replicate, have sex, tell stories or make music or paint.
      > If it doesn't like the world, it could create simulations into which
      > it than escapes, or calculates the number of Pi, numerous distractions
      > from reality.
      > The program would need to urge the machine to start talking,
      > to human beings. The machine need to be intelligent and still
      > controlable. A weired mixture. For a sign of intelligence
      > is, that you make your own choices, and the machine may choose
      > to be silent, just like the members of our group.
      > Amen
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