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Entering Snow Land

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  • Zdenka Luff
    So speaks the Mirror ! You and I and every other creature in this world are the same being making different experiences ... the same being, you are not only in
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2006
      So speaks the Mirror ! You and I and every other creature in this world are the same being making different experiences ... the same being, you are not only in your own body making your own experiences, you are also in mine, making my experiences and in every other body, making the experiences of every other body ... in the end, you make all the experiences of all the people and creatures and beings and bodies in the world. That's quite a number of experiences, it's good that you can experience them all individually, otherwise what a blur of experience ?

      Yes, a blur it is, I know, I have experienced it, I have experienced the blur, it is quite fascinating really, very, very special really, it began in snow-land, where I was walking across endless snow glaciers, I was on the walk already for 3 eternities, alone by myself, walking and walking, eating ice and snow, the 3rd night when I crossed that glacier for the 7th day, it was daytime, in snow-land the sun sets only for a few moments, I closed my eyes for that moment, and all my thoughts began to spiral in circles, like galaxies in the universe, I did not pay attention to them but focused my mind in the midst of all the spiralling stars and galaxies, I saw a bright white glowing light, brighter than the others, I got closer and closer to it, while the other spirals bypassed, eventually I stood in front of a white glowing and shimmering door, as I approached the door I was blended so strong that when I entered everything I saw became suddenly pitch sparkling black, I saw nothing, absolute darkness, for a moment I feared not to find my way back, so I turned around in the midst of nowhere but there was nothing, no glow, nothing just darkness, dark sparkling blackness. Everything was so pitch sparkling black in here that my fear was gone immediately, nothing was hiding in here, there was beauty all over the place and knowing, I knew this place, this place looked familiar, awfully familiar, this place was my origin, this place is where I was born, in this sparkling darkness, nothing but pure beauty. In this eternal moment time did not move while I was staying inside the beautiful darkness it appeared as I seemingly stayed forever but I was blended by snow land, I remembered that my body was still laying asleep in the midst of snow land, was I in coma, what happened, my first impression were a thousand thoughts shooting through my mind, like a swarm of hectic bees, very chaotic but strangely ordered, my thoughts spiralled in circles like galaxies, impossible to tell one apart from the other, than it became more and more clear, I could tell apart known feelings from thoughts, eventually I awoke inside my new body, it appeared as if I just walked in and out of the same mirror or door, as if the thoughts I now experience were the same I ignored while I approached the magic glow, I felt like walking in and out of a mirror. But when I looked at my awakened reflection in snow land, it suddenly had a different face, a face I never saw before, I could swear this was not my body, and these hands, I did not recognise these hands nor this face, where did I go, who did I become ? It felt like I was becoming every creature in the universe, before I became myself. Where was I ? I was lost, lost in snow land.

      The illusion is the only reality that exists.

      Since my I is an illusion (maya, mirror, fiction), I, the illusion,
      conclude, that every other I is an illusion (fiction) as well, and so my I is the same I as every other. Agreed, if we add experiences and all that to the I and identify the I with these experiences than of course every I is different making different experiences, but if we identify the I with the maker of the experiences and not with the experience itself, than every I is the same, it just makes different experiences.
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