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    The Unity of the Mirror is beyond concept. I think the mirror philosophy is an excellent way to combine the various world religions and declare all gods to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2006
      The Unity of the Mirror is beyond concept.

      I think the mirror philosophy is an excellent way to combine the various world religions and declare all gods to be one and the same.

      But the mirror is maybe not the perfect tool, not the perfect tao, because it leaves us too much room for interpretation. The concept of the mirror is infinity.

      The idea that there is just one identity, points in that direction, and combines enemy and friend. If it comes to the tao, which I understand to be the direct path to enlightenment, then I think it's a pitty, to stop one step before that ultimate goal is reached, the transcendence with all.

      The mirror philosophy is not just metaphor, if a being realises this and understands the self to be a mirror, it will reach the highest form of enlightenment at all. But what is a mirror? A mirror means something different to everyone, a mirror is a concept beyond concept.

      To stop one step before that concept is understood, abandon it, and say that the self and the mirror are just metaphors, comes close to creating a beautiful picture, and destroying it for the finnish or putting it in a corner where no one ever looks at it.

      If we are speaking about the mirror, we are looking at ways to describe the self, we are looking for finding ways which lead to the self, indirectly, because the self can not describe itself directly, or can a mirror describe a mirror, the mirror is as difficult to describe as the self, for the self and the mirror mean something different for each creature.

      In Tao, we are looking for ways to describe the shortest path to enlightenment.
      What is enlightenment if not understanding the self, and for what is the mirror, if not for understanding the self.

      And what if the two are the same, if the self and the mirror is self.

      If we think enlightened, in the way that we regard ourselves and our next as equals, our purpose is clearly defined, in helping our equals, lesser enlightened versions of ourselves, to reach that same enlightened stage we reached, understanding the self.

      The mirror may not be the perfect tool for this, not the perfect tao, not the perfect path, because the mirror leaves too much room for interpretation. Then you think you understand the mirror as a concept, and suddenly it opens a new window, a new prism, a new dimension, one you never saw before.

      The mirror is wicked, it's ways are mysterious, it's knowledge is hidden behind the obvious.

      Finally, I am not fixated on the mirror philosophy, or the mirror as the tao to the highest form of truth, for me, the path through the mirror reveals ancient mysteries, and answers most profound questions.

      But what works for one human being, might not work for everyone.
      I see my purpose in finding other paths, other tao's which help to enlighten other beings. What is your purpose?

      The mirror philosophy might not work for you,
      maybe you give up on it too early, to soon,
      are you perhaps afraid of the mysteries it reveals?

      The possibilities of the mirrors are infinite,
      just take another and look inside.
      But the mirror knows secrets
      which remain better untold.

      The mirror doesn't teach us to meditate,
      it doesn't teach us to do nothing and enjoy the wonders of life,
      the mirror philosophy is of a different type,
      it is the philosophy of destiny and purpose.

      According to the mirror, to be enlightened is to understand the self,
      and that there is no difference between your self and the self of your next.

      The teacher and student share the same essence, are of the same nature, share the same identity, share the same self, for there is only one self, it is the omnipotent, absolute self.

      If your mind becomes a mirror, than every creature will become your image,
      you will become all creatures. Is there anything more absolute?
      Than being everyone and everything?

      All Beings are Mirrors.
      All Mirrors share the same Being.


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