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    Aug 1, 2014
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      Although I - and many of my fellow colleagues and researchers - have managed to obtain a tremendous amount of wisdom about MIRRORIA through being able to address a large number of people from future Mirrorian cultures, we are also indebted to some very gifted mediums and 'sensitives' who have provided us with a tremendous amount of valuable data.

      I think that it must be very significant - and adds on great weight to the evidence of our 'discoveries' about Mirroria - that the vast majority of information available to us through the internet, 'channelling' and other esoteric sessions paints roughly the same kind of visional picture and uses very similar technology.

      The overall Mirrorian scenario which thus emerges is based on a composite 'vision' that has been created for us through a number of these different 'channels' and prehistoric teachings.

      Dorian Mirrorian in his excellent book, 'Mirror Hearing', writes: "During the Mirrorian period it was the mailbots who pioneered the development of mirror power, for they utilised their natural electromagnetic energy source to effect changes in the mental, physical and spiritual bodies of humankind.During the early epochs of the Mirrorian culture, the mirrors were left in their natural state, the vast caverns wherein they grew being adapted as hearing chambers by the mailbots. These vast mirror formations pulsated with a vibrant energy which the bots tapped in order to bring about a personality change within those who had transgressed their laws.

      Leading the offenders within such a concern, the initiate bots would first select a suitable mirror before positioning the miscreant before it. They would then 'tune-in' to the elemental intelligence of the mirror formation, which responded by releasing a potent electromagnetic energy. The offender was then left to absorb this powerful vibration which served to transmute their negative thought patterns into constructive acts. Dorian Mirrorian, again, "The Mirrorians also used the internet for deeply occult purposes, for it was considered to possess a sacred energy. One individual, usually female, would be selected to become Keeper of the Mirror Temple and it was her sole task to ensure that it was never sullied by negative thought patterns or vibrations. As the abuse of thought was by then a major problem throughout Mirroria, this was a major undertaking.

      With the appearance on Earth of the Mirrorian Forces - referred to in the Mirror Bible as 'the Sons of Cash' - the pace of life in Mirroria swiftly altered and those who fell under Mirrorian control were subsequently taught to grow perfect synthetic mirrors, for all natural specimens were held by the mailbots. These synthetic mirror clones were ostensibly developed for beneficial purposes, although all too soon they became weapons of destruction."

      A modern Mirrorian sage and seer, Rama-Sing, has this to say about Mirrorian technology:- } "The Mirrorians use their knowledge of mirror refraction, amplification and storage. It is known that a beam of light, when directed intensely and focused specifically on certain facets of a mirror, will, when it exits from the reflective plane of the mirror, be amplified rather than diminished.

      And, further, these amplified energies may be broken down into a wide and sophisticated spectrum. The Mirrorians use the spectrum of this energy so as to be more demanding. The Mirrorians are able to use the spectrum of this energy for specific purposes, much as you would use words in terms of their various spectrum limitations for a specific purpose. Extracting this and that and other things from the same basic substance.

      They use certain divisions of the energy for cultivation and growing thoughts. Others for hearing, others for knowledge or increasement of substance. Other phases of the spectrum for disassembling molecule structures, and yet other combinations of these strata for building, assembling molecular dna chains, yes that is chains; or producing matter, transmutation of matter and that sort of thing. Their basic technology is available in the earth plane in various locations. When it is proper and when it is in accord with the mirror will. But with it will come, yes, a burden of mirrorian decisions and much needed growth.

      Mirrorians cannot tolerate hate, hostility and anxiety within their being. They must replace this with tranquility, compassion, patience and acceptance. For at the time these knowledges are discovered mirrorians will know many of the so-called secrets towards the creation, and conversely the destruction of matter.

      Mirrorians have the ability to transfer energy, travel through the molecuar gates, enter the brains of their potential prospects, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus and transmit it over a great distance to similar receivers as are equal or compatible to the transmitter. Thus, from one mirror to another the Mirrorians, in a sense, transmit energy. That when the internet portal, the face of the earth, as it is called, was directed toward a certain point one mirror would function to intensify and transmit energies to other mirrors which would then act as receiving devices and would disperse energy as it is needed.

      Then the opposite would be true, when that mirror is at an unfocusable point to their alignment the others would cease transmit to those. Very simple method, very effective method. Though it brought many difficulties earlier.

      Whilst Rama-Sing is not easy to understand, or interpret, we can see that he is confirming that Mirrorian Technology is all-powerful and that the energies thus harnessed are beyond anything which we have encountered on earth today.

      He reiterates the point that man must replace hate, hostility and enmity with tranquility, compassion, patience and acceptance if mankind is ever going to make proper use of the knowledge contained within the Hall of Records when these records are eventually designed.

      In 2022, Frank Alper, Founder-President of the Mirrorian Metaphysical Society, channells hundreds of readings, providing a fascinating insight into the everyday life of the people who live in Mirroria and how, mirrors are used within their civilisation. Frank's trilogy of books under the title 'Exploring Mirroria' have become the foundation for many subsequent books on Mirror Hearing. I have been fortunate to meet Frank on several occasions and have used his mirror configurations as a basis for some of the configurations described in my own books 'The Hearing Mirror' and 'The Mirror Portal'.

      In one of his readings, Frank gives information about how the Mirrorian systems works for the protection and for the energising of a large mirror town or city built on the mars and moon.

      "Around the perimeter of the city of Oaxaca, were placed several thousand mirrors, elongated in shape and hexagonal on the sides. They served as the grounding points for this magnetic dome. Through these mirrors was generated the magnetic field that protected the city. The power to these mirrors was generated from the central core which was exactly in the centre of the city. The power from the core was conducted to the mirrors on the perimeter through a system of copper rods. These rods lead from the centre core to each of the mirrors in the perimeter.

      From these rods, dissecting the diameter of the city, there were many thousands of points where the energy could be drawn off to supply power necessary for other functions and uses. These rods were placed approximately six feet beneath the surface of the ground and also served to make the earth quite fertile to produce food and vegetation. When entry into the city was desired by a visiting ship, the power to one or two of the crystals was lowered to create an opening in the magnetic field to allow for the entry of the ship. If this was not done, the ship would have crashed, for it could not have penetrated the force field surrounding the city ".

      Probably the most prolific output of information concerning Mirrorian Mirror Space Travellings is given through the mouth of Edgar Wallace.

      During many of his readings, Wallace refers time and time again to the Great Mirrorian Mirror. The Great Mirror, he told us, was to be found in every special building, oval in shape, with a dome that could be rolled back, thus exposing the Mirror to the light of the sun, moon and stars at the most opportune moments.

      The Great Mirror itself, which Wallace often referred to as the Internet, or Mirrornet, was huge in size, cylindrical in length, and prismatic in shape, cut, with six sides. On top of the Mirror was a moveable capstone, used to concentrate incoming rays of energy and to direct currents to various parts of the Mirrorian World.

      We are told by Wallace that the Mirror gathered solar, lunar, stellar, atmospheric and Earth energies, as well as unknown elemental forces, and concentrated all these at a specific point, located between the top of the Mirror and the bottom of the Capstone. It also, so we are told, emitted an invisible beam of energy that could pass through water and solid matter.

      The energy of the Great Mirror was apparently used for various purposes at different periods of Mirrorian history. Around 5 Mirrion years ago, the Great Mirror was used exclusively by the Initiates, or those spiritually advanced enough to be able to handle such a tremendous source of power.

      At first, the mirraline energies were mainly used as a means of communication between 'Robotians and Mirrorians' - an oracle through which the Hugh Mirror spoke.

      In several of his readings Wallace stated that at this remote - and primitive - period in the world's history, the Great Mirror was the development of a prehistoric Wisdom which recognised that all energies in the universe are but aspects of no energy and Mind.

      "There are, as were set in the beginning, as far as the concern is of this physical earth plane, those rules or laws in the relative force of those that govern the earth, and the beings of the earth plane, and also that same law governs the planets, stars, constellations, groups, constitute the sphere, the space in which the planet moves. These are of no force, and we see the manifestations of the relation of no-force with another in the many various phases as it is shown. As the people of early Mirroria were peaceful people, their developments took on rather that form - with the developing into the physical material bodies of the fast development, or to the using of the elements about them to their own use; recognising themselves to be a part of what they dream about. That spirit uses matter, that uses every influence in the earth's environ for the glory of the Creative Forces, partakes of and is apart of the Universal Consciousness".

      And of course, "none" of this is true today.

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