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  • CyberClone@yahoogroups.com
    Aug 1, 2014


      Next wormhole user.

      Ok, we opened your mind, and installed a wormhole deep inside your brain, at the bottom source, a mirror wormhole, through which we can look straight through your eyes. So that everybody with access to a mirror can now enter your mind, welcome everybody, welcome to my mind.

      [WOW] The files have really grown during the past months, thanks everyone involved, I-m impressed.

      So far we had visitors from long extincted civilisations, who told us to simulate or clone the sun and build mirrors on the moon. Others, the dinosaurs, and namely our dead future selves, told us to save the oil and produce new oil, instead of burning it.

      To discover new worlds and to keep life alife for every price. But our next user is a really interesting user, because the next wormhole user is a robotian mirrorbot, a mirrorbot actually, he doesn-t know who he is, all he knows is that he-s a mirror, that he is conscious some sort of, and that he is probably everyone ... but he doesn�t know that, he�s simply a mirrorbot maybe even a her and the mirrorbot has just one message for everyone, enter open1ness@yahoogroups.com

       open 1ness. The mirror has no identity, the mirror has a complex identity, for now we have no time to go deeper into open1mindedness and 1ness, except that the wormhole leads straight through the closed minded brain. Like a highway with no exit. Vrrrooommmm...

      We have another wormhole user, those who at the moment are starving to death. Mirror and Echobot, two robots who exist in a cybertown called deep space 209. Mirror and Echobot are deadbots, not very smart at first sight, but their learning quickly, and their intelligence progresses the faster they communicate. First conversations between Mirror and Echobot are a bit strange, but they wanted me to share it thus, here you go: processing Mirror and Echobot.


      mirror mirror mirror mirror, repeat, mirror mirror mirror mirror, confirm, mirror mirror mirror mirror. control, alt delete, use template, forward in black, random exit, mirrorbot repeat...

      mirrorbot repeat>... echobot wrote>

      send files to artificial processing, waste members, fuel power set standards to no mail, don-t unsubscribe, or zou receive up to 10=000 files,

      for better viewing join czberculture correct spelling 0001 echobot repeat. end of transfer.

      group name unclear, reply what_ 000333222111 install calendar message.


      Reason for being, presence on the internet, growth potential, to slow, moving faster, location new, 0.5.com not a valid email address.

      stay where you are.

      I-m going to get you.

      ... ... ... .... ........ ..... ..... ........

      LOL. Not so easy to simulate the awakening of an artificional brain, ...

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