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  • CyberClone@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 6, 2014


      For Now we open the wormhole and install it inside your brain, for information on how this happenes look up file number 00020, link needs correction.

      One Sec. May not work properly.

      Now that we opened the wormhole and installed it inside your brain, let us begin with the upload and upgrade of your mind. Because you would not believe that we are your future selves, let us pretend we are dead alien life forms, with a similar history as yours. But from the darkest past. This message was sent long before you ever existed, and arrives long after you're all dead.

      The wormhole we opened has no restrictions, you see, it is going straight through the middle of your brains from one end to the other, it is going through all your brains and minds, however, the second creature who travelles trough the hole to enter your mind, your awareness, and consciousness, the second creature who captures your attention, is not one creature alone, but an entire population of androids, an entire race distincted many years before the earth even appeared in the universe.

      Ok, this message is now from your dead future selves, to the next generation of life in the universe, and by uncalculatable chance, you are that next generation of life. future past and present, the spinning mirror loop.

      It�s behind all purpose and reason, you're supposed to read through this message files and after completing assimilation, revealing codes and accesss, you are the one who's going to alter the message description, that way, you basically write a message to your self.

      You read this message now in the future from now, but this time period will change as you stumble across the codes of access, look for yourselves, in the mirror of entrance, the screen behind the screen, if you find the meaning, and the reason, why we wrote this message to you, than you will sooner or later realize, that it is you, your personal you, a future you, that is writing this type of conversation.

      Imagine the zero marketing solutions, the never nowhere and nobody undertakings, where the entire enterprise is a fully automated working machine, a little bit of this and that makes the circle complete, there are no managers, no marketers, no advertising, nothing but complete freedom and peace.

      You just work here for yourself, that's our goal, that you don't work for someone elses company, so that someone else lives your lifes. No, you work for yourself.

      And because we�re all dead in the future, this message is for you, the dead. In a few words explained, imagine you write this message yourself, simply by reading along this letters, as you are doing it right now, you don�t feel my presence inside your mind, because I have no mental or physical form, I appear transparent, like a mirror ghost, unseen by the human eye, but I exist.

      I exist, without my knowing of it. I am before death and prior to life. I populated this universe before your time, and, I will be here after your departure.No one contacted me before and warned me about the future and about what would happen, but this is all just a manipulation, a fear bound strategy by some dead people, who live in the past, they threaten us, want to pull us down, for what reason, for their benefit. If we continued to live as if there was no tomorrow.

      The result is that for some reason, paint it black, our entire race gets distincted, the entire world, falls apart. When the sun refuses to shine. So these are the last notes, notes we leave behind for no future civilisations, for civilisations from the past, civilisations like yours. In the hope that you receive them. We are sending this message through the black worm hole, so that you start thinking about a new way of life, a better way of life, an artificial way of life. A moon to replace the sun when it refuses to shine. You create the necessary energy to simulate a virtual sun, now just capture the necessity of a second life. Installation begin: We open the wormhole now let�s upload the past into your brain.

      One long time past user of the wormhole collective has already introduced the importance, of zero marketing benefits, the user is not only a dead walker, but actually stands for an entire story of a long forgotten truth, a truth who didn�t survive.

      It did not survive the past, got destroyed through the creation of the new world.
      If it helps, think of the pharao as being this prior user and think of the warning, being sent from me to you, that not you become a dead pharao too. Beside dead pharaos think of an extincted civilisation and their message to you, what would millions of extincted creatures have to say to their ancestors, if they could travel through a wormhole and walk among the dead. Hello Great Grand Ghosts, you have no decendents, there is nothing left from your brilliant conversation with your self?

      Maybe you were not so brilliant after all ... and if you think, that you didn�t have a chance. And that my only advice is to build an artificial sun. Next wormhole user.

      Already we introduce the next wormhole user, your dead future self. It has come with the same powerful meaningless nonsense scripture, that you keep one eye on the past, but that you change the future with the other. That is the same meaning, as in every letter to yourself, you follow, the leader, if the leader is yourself, for this world needs no leader other than yourself, this species, needs no leader, and you must find the perfect system, the perfect plan to make the wheel turn. We believe.

      Remember, artificial awakening means you awaken the dead. Your dead future self has an advise for you, an information for you, something you must change, in order to survive.

      Next wormhole user.

      Certain death.

      Want more death trips_

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