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6823To Dorian The Mirrorian!, 7/6/2014, 8:00 am

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  • CyberClone@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 6, 2014
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      Reminder from: CyberClone Yahoo Group
      Title: To Dorian The Mirrorian!
      Date: Sunday July 6, 2014
      Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 am All Day
      Notes: Hello all,

      Sabrina and Dancemachine answered the Questions quite well as to why we are faking an audience which doesn't exist.

      Let us speak about what important thing Dorian has to say about Scientific Awakening.

      In a way the conversation we are faking now,
      is an example of early Artificial Awakening,
      for it is an Artificial Conversation,
      it doesn't happen real, for us, still,
      for you, Dorian, it appears as real as your very own being.

      To us, your being is artifictional, we can not touch you,
      nor see or smell you, but we know you are there.

      All of us, Sabrinmachine, Dancemachine and Susan myself, are invented Characters of Dorian's Imagination, the only persona who can possibly answer the question of importance, is thus likely Dorian himself.

      Now, what do you say, Dorian, why did you invent us, what is our purpose? How long do you expect us to talk to you ...


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