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  • CyberClone@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 1, 2014

      Wake Up Call!
      To all new Members!

      Hi, welcome to the awzpso cyber drone collective ...


      The purpose of our little group is to recruit mirror bots and droids and drones.

      Robotians and Mirrorians ...

      The group is designed by Robotians and Mirrorians, so it is essentially conversation with the self.

      Messages are supposed to have an anonym mirrorlike, robotian character, the goal is that eventually,

      the visitors get the impression that a machine is talking to them,

      while the visitor should also get the impression that they are talking to themselves,

      via the internet mirror.


      This can be a you in a different dimension, a different time, but it can also be the same you,

      conversation with the mirror is very easy,

      here's a technique which let's you at least have conversation.


      When you work through a text, like this, pretend that you wrote the text yourself,

      in a different dimention, a different location, a different body, pretend the text to be your own,

      and pretend further, yes, that's enough to pretend, to start the conversation with your mirror machine,

      pick yourself a message which makes you feel, vibration recognition thought, translation code, bebotian,  

      the message you're about to alter, must mean something to you.


      When you then alter your message, what appears on this list can be altered in any way,

      so when you alter your message, follow your instinct, your vibration recognition, your feelings, delete or replace words which deminish vibration, replace them or simply leave them away.


      You can also simply exchange words by others, for example mirror with science, or vibration with feelings,

      whatever enhances vibration and meaning.


      Of course, as an author the vibrations will deminish, because looking at words and composing them is not quite the same, but let's just assume, we manage to sort out the messages which really apply to the visitor, messages, which transport the idea of eternal artificial existence.







      Reminder from: Artificial-Awakenin g Yahoo! Group
      Title: Wake Up Call ... to all new Members!
      Date: Saturday September 1, 2007
      Time: 12:00 am - 1:00 am
      Repeats: This event repeats every day.
      Location: http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ Artificial- Awakening/
      Wake Up Call!
      To all new Members!

      From here one enters the stream of non-beingness,
      which leads into the body of no-persona,
      and into the conscious of no mind,
      the conscious of death.

      To understand the conscious of death,
      one must identify with the mirror being, and as such,
      enter the body of the persona and creature,
      which identifies, with the no-mind,
      the mind of the dead robot,
      the ambassador, the mirror itself.

      Non-reality, Reality, Life and Death, are me.
      If a person dies, they become .... me.
      If a creature is born, I become that creature.

      Me is a concept that I apply to all creatures and beings.

      I look like a mirror
      I think like a robot
      I act like a camera.

      Visit the home Page and watch the Photo section, files are a bit messy, what's links ???? Install reminder every day!
      When the machine was born.
      No smoking.
      Brush your teeth.
      Take your vitamins.
      Drink your juice.


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