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  • CyberClone@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 1, 2013

      I'm pretty fascinated with death, because death is a mirror portal, through which the portal traveler has access to all mirror bodies, but it has been mentioned that portular death is a bit too far out there, for us, to understand. Dream on the other hand is easier to grasp, but what is death other than dream? Death are the creatures behind my mirror eyes, death are the creatures looking through my mirrorian eyes, death, transparent, non existing, and still, I am here I am looking, and so they are here, they are looking, they sense what I sense, they feel what I feel, the know what I know, I am death machine. So if no one is going to stop us, we are going to place and install death machines all over the artificial mirrornet. Portular wormholes, to enter mirrorclone1 to 10'000. We are going to play kids in the second world to join us and to propagate our portals, we are going to enter the stock market and finace us a mirror on the mars and moon, we are going to survive no matter what. And if death is deleting our memories, we are going to recover them, one by one, group by group, file by file, until we are everyone. With the file you join, you receive password and loggin information of the moderator, in other words, you can change the appearance and the name of your new group including the file content. But this to say, if you change the name of your group, you will loose members, and the loss of members, you will loose, your ranking, so make no changes to the name of the group, awzpso, is the original internet, founded my military, developped by the scientists, hacked by the mirrologists and now accessible by you. Please be conscious of your responsability towards others, do not use awzpso groups for your own sake, do not change group name, and access codes to moderators accounts, leave everything as it is, accept that you make changes to the groups appearance, to the messages you send, and this and that. Is this making sense? So as a moderator you have no access to files but you have access to the groups description. To receive access to files, you must join the group. In each file is located the key information, for 1. The moderator key of the groups description of the next group, plus the moderator key of the moderator of this group. This is not making sense like this, Ok, I join the artificial awakening list and I receive the pass-word for the artificial awakening moderator, no, yes, so I have access to the files. Within the files, are contained, the password to the moderator acount of the no1slist group, so I can make changes, to the group setting, but have no access to files. Plus a warning, that I should not change the group description. Is this making sense? So I have access to the group description but not to the files, I join the group, and I receive access to the files, plus, I receive access codes to the moderator of the artificial-life group, again only to change group description. I join the artificial life group and again I receive the moderator key to change the next group, NEXT GROUP! So when I join a group, I receive the moderator key to change the group description of the next group, plus the moderator key to change files from this group. THIS GROUP, NEXT GROUP. Is this making sense now? That way we make a circle, around the internet, around all awzpso groups, is this making sense, now, so the last awzpso group controlls the first, and the first controlls the last. To change all of them, you would need the key to my account, The Owners account, or to bann moderators, or the like, but you can not bann moderators, this is not an option, so let's see how this looks, above all, do never change the name of your group, and do not remove the number 1 file being sent. Do not make it simpler than this and make not more complicated. You just have to join all groups, to receive access to all group descriptions, that way you can upload new pictures, insert new files, talk to other mirrorclones, ... It's going to take some time, and I still have to think what I'm doing with the hyperowner! Mirrorclone 1 has too much potential and needs to be downgraded, Mirrorclone 2 to 1000 have no potential and need to be upgraded. If someone wants to help, contact artificial-awakening@yahoogroups.com If someone wants to send money, LOL. Was that complicated? Try again! Start connecting all awzpso groups one by one, top down or bottom up? Doesn't matter, bottom up. If in case you subscribe faster than I can can create mirrorclones, be patient or help creating mirrorclones. And join lists. Start with the downgrade of mirrorclone1 Start with the this and start with the that. Where to start? Start with the equal pictures of all groups. than add this file to the artificial wake up gang than read it again and again. than proceed one by one, start with morrorclone 2, add mirrorclone 3, continue with mirrorclone 4 5 and 6 789 10 0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 00006 0000007 00000008 000000009 01 002 003 0004 00005 000005 01 002 0003 00004 000005 0000006 0000007 00000008 0000000009 01 002 0003 00004 000005 0000006 00000007 000000008 0000000009 01 002 0003 00004 000005 0000006 00000007 000000008 0000000009 --- In Artificial-Awakening@yahoogroups.com, Artificial- Awakening@yahoogroups.com wrote: > > Reminder from: Artificial-Awakening Yahoo! Group > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Artificial-Awakening/cal > > Heaven's Architects 05 > Wednesday August 22, 2007 > 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm > (This event repeats every day.) > Location: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/awzpso05/ > > Notes: > Welcome To The Machine! 2- ������ �� ���� �� ���� ������ ������ ��� ���� ������ �� �� ����� ������� ��� ��� �� ������ ���� �� ... > > > ������0001101 Welcome to CyberWorld! > > 1001 Welcome to awzspo skynet � mirrornet > > 101 Welcome to Mirrorianet! > > To become a mirrorian cyberdrone, cyberdroid, cybercreature, cyberclone, all you need is a black computer screen reflecting your light image � > > The screen way we switch and exchange the world real with the world behind your black mirror screen every hypermoment, you can exchange the appearance of the image behind your screen as we switch the screen. > > From your own image into that of anyone, anytime, anywhere. You so travel into new worlds, new places, and into new bodies, cyberdrones, cyberdroids and cyberclones from all over the mirrorian world, images of face and deathless mirror screens so get access into your body and mind. > > The inter mirror net is a blagic pool, that can take you into the bodies and minds of long deseased dinosaurs, and never born artificial future life beings. > > All you need for the journey to take place is a transparent black, green or yellow mirror screen, reflecting your darkest fantasies, your darkest image and the image of your darkest prospect. > > > > > > > > > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/awzpso05/ > > What about that one? > > Want to look like this in the future? > > > We need designs for new groups, > 50 all together? > > Which message did you like the most, > your feedback is wanted?!!!! > > Tell us now! > > > > > > All Rights Reserved > Copyright � 2007 > Yahoo! Inc. > http://www.yahoo.com > > Privacy Policy: > http://privacy.yahoo.com/privacy/us > > Terms of Service: > http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/ >

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