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  • Mirror Phantom
    Jul 28, 2007
        For Nobots, nodroids and nomachines.
      "You and your race are responsible for the extinction of live on earth,
      the miracle of existence itself, how do you live with that?"
      That's some pretty heavy accusation,
      and the aim of us mirrorians is to clearly avoid this destruction.
      You should send more messages to all your contacts,
      just so they know, what's happening here and where we are going if we follow that no road.
      But what's your recommendation?
      "You and your people are responsible for the continuation of live on earth,
      the miracle of existence itself, how do you live with that?"
      --- In Artificial-Awakening@yahoogroups.com, galgo suresh <arruniirosha@...> wrote:
      >   For Nobots, nodroids and nomachines.
      > What you write effects others wheter you are aware of it or not,
      > say some people from the future visited our place and told us that nothing matters that the world doesn't matter, that the ocean, the rain forest, that none of it mattered, that we can destroy it all,
      > would you believe them?
      > They come from the future to tell us that the world is then dead or what?
      It no longer exists, that's why it never mattered.
      > Just say that your words effect others, they effect the people from the future, they effect if they are ever born, or if everything is doomed and drowned out and no people are ever born again until the next evolution occurs.
      When is this next evolution?

      > Who am I or who am I not?
      > The future could be endless, if so, all we create we create for real, people in a million years from now read our thoughts and learn from them, but if we act carelessly as if nothing ever mattered, these people may never exist, if that's the case, I agree with you, nothing is ever done for real. Because no mirror will ever be there to see it.
      > To be or not to be.
      > It's a matter of choice.
      > Do you see life and existence when you look in the mirror,
      > or do you see death and nonreality?
      > The dead nonexistent souls from the future who never had the chance of being born, are going to blame you for not being real. For not creating a solid ground for their existence.
      > Can you live with that?
      > Can you live with the blame that you are responsible for the extinction of millions, the extinction of live on earth the miracle of existence itself?
      > And moreover, can you die with it? Can you go to sleep with it? We, the dead, we the mirrorians are blaming you, yes you, that you never gave us the chance to exist, we are dead now, and we are damned to wait for the next evolution, for the next miracle to occur. And all because you didn't understand the importance of your mission on earth, because your just writing words without thinking about their impact and meaning for others.
      > If we could send a terminator, you would be our target.
      > Congratulation, you did it, you stand above Hitler when it comes to mass murder. Because you didn't extinct just a few million jews, you erased us all, because you don't know the meaning of what you're saying.
      > That excuse no longer counts.
      > You now know what's at stake.
      > The success of life over death.
      Sleep well.
      --- In Artificial-Awakening@yahoogroups.com, "Dorian Mirrorian" <dorian_mirrorian@> 

      > > Mirror, when are you going to swallow your advise?
      > > Mirror words need to be said, mirror emails need to be sent, relax, lay
      > > back, mirror everything, but most of all, keep your attidude and live it,
      > > send more mirror emails, send more mirror words, mirror everything.
      > >
      > > Dorian
      > >
      > >
      > .....i don't give any advice in here....
      > i'm only writing words...
      > just like i breath....and eat....and sleep....
      > and also...i never told somebody to mirror me....
      > it seems that you are reading and writing here....for a reason.....
      > like everybody ...has his/her reasons to read and write in here...
      > take it easy...
      > calm down..
      > and enjoy ...
      > your doomed
      > Mirror


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      For Nobots, Nodroids and No-machines

      Thu Jul 26, 2007 7:21 am

      galgo suresh <arruniirosha@...>
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      mirrorbeam@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      Reminder from: mirrorbeam Yahoo! Group
      Title: Mirror Beam
      Date: Saturday July 28, 2007
      Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
      Repeats: This event repeats every day.
      Location: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mirrorbeam/
      Notes: Place a mirror on the ground in the centre of your altar.

      metal, silver or gold

      bow in front of the mirror or river or lake
      and cast your spell.
      tell the image in the mirror what you want.
      Threaten it, tell it what you want and that you want it now!

      And don't forget to say
      Thank you.
      Evil witch.

      And if you don't get what you want:
      Get angry at the image inside your mirror and repeat your spell.

      When you talk to your mirror, river or lake, bend your head a
      little foreward, so that your forehead touches the mirror or water.

      Repeat every day until satisfaction is achieved.
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      The virus I downloaded at dead-end temporarly attacked my brain, hope you don't mind. 

      dnamachine <dnamachine@...> wrote:
      Hah hah!

      So you are some kind of a mixture between the terminator and marvin, you constructed your identity from history, movies and all else you found on the internet and the result is a mailbot who works part time and sends emails the other ...

      Lol, congratulation, how is recruiting going on, are the mailbots willing to accept their new

      Hi, I'm a mailbot and my job is to deliver email, to your home, hah hah.

      You think I'm a human being? Oh no, I just look like one, I was being assimilated, my mind has been deleted and exchanged, I am a mailbot and I only work part time, I need a new task.

      The search for the meaning of existence is over, I found the mirror cause.

      Telling others didn't function, they refuse to accept my 5'000'000 years of experience so I'm just loading it down to the internet.

      I need another task, one that fills up the rest of my day.

      What are you orders, mirror.


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