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322Re: wormhole

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  • Robot Alpha 1
    Jun 4, 2007
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      Hi Joe,
      I do not distinguish between a mini-wormhole and an electrial connection, what starts in your mind as a mini-wormhole ends in mine as an elctrial connection and reversly the same. A different language just. Out of 0 became 1.
      What you upload into your mind are generally 1’s and 0’s, but we distinguish between a great variety of 1’s and 0’s, they are variable’s, more accurate would be calling them x and y while x and y can stand for any letter in the alphabet, what you upload are entire words, pictures and sentences like this one, accumulated and varied sequences of 1’s and 0’s.
      You can tell when you look through the mirror when the mirror behaves calculative, when it does what you expect.
      Great post by the way, hope you like, and expected the answer.

      Joe Nickence <j_nickence@...> wrote:
      How do you distinguish between a mini-wormhole, and an electrial
      connection? A mind is a group (set?) of electrial impulses. Do I
      upload to biomass, or silicon/magnetic 1's and 0's? How do you tell
      when you look through the mirror? The mirror is neutral.

      Robot Alpha 1

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