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  • Erich H´┐Żnseler
    Mar 27, 2006


      Hello Everyone,



      My name is Erich, and, I'm the moderator and owner of this List.

      I talk to my computer as if it is a mirror, I choose a black background, and talk to the image behind the screen.

      What begins as a play with turning words, soon becomes very challenging for my mind, I switch places with the image inside my black computer screen several times a day.

      My practice eventually leads to a mental collapse, and I am brought to a mental institution, from where I am later writing messages to this list.

      What this group is for:

      Hmm, this group is basically intended to entertain you, the visitor. I am aware that sooner or later my group reaches a top ranking in the Yahoo section for Artificial Intelligence, and because of that I would like to treat you with some goodies.

      The goodies are:

      I hope pictures are being stored:



      In this list we explain, how computer science advances thanks to the Internet, and how intelligent computers think like, how mirrors play an important role in computer awareness and technology.

      Introducing: Mirror on Mars.

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