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Fwd: Lots of Yahoo changes

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  • Terri Pascal
    *Heads Up We have a new look and functionality coming to our yahoo groups. The way it looks to me, it will look more like facebook than our yahoo groups.
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      Heads Up

      We have a new look and functionality coming to our yahoo groups.  The way it looks to me, it will look more like facebook than our yahoo groups.  Email groups will look very different.  I am just giving you a heads up.  I will be reading up on this in the next few days.  So far what I see is a bit disturbing, but always change is disconcerting.  I hope it doesn't change too much, especially the privacy issues. Not exactly sure when these changes will all go into place


      I am not sure if we will have the option of having the mail come to our outlook express etc.  I really don't know how this is going to work.

      A complete list of changes in functionality

      Last Updated: September 03, 2010

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      Below is a comprehensive list of the changes we've made to Yahoo! Groups -- including functionalities that are new, changed, or have been removed. Please note that when a feature or functionality is removed, it is not necessarily gone forever. We're still in the process of redesigning the site, and in the coming months we plan to bring back features didn't make it into this release. If you feel strongly that a feature we've removed should be brought back, please let us know by using our suggestion board.


      New functionality- The new "Updates Stream" lists the most recent group activities, including all kinds of posts (messages, photos, files, events, and polls).
      - The new "Post Something" bar gives you one-click access pages that allow you to post messages, photos, files, events, and polls. Simply click on icon for the feature you would like to use.
      - Members module in the lower right corner of the page offers a list of the group's newest members.
      - Group Announcements module (Note: this replaces the "Announcements" banner, and it currently only includes messages from Yahoo! but will be eventually opened up to a group's individual announcements.)
      Changed- The homepage now looks different to logged-in members of the group and visitors (or members who are not logged in). Visitors will see the group description and other information, much like they do today, while logged in members will not see this information unless they click on the "i" button, which appears when you scroll your mouse over the group's name.
      - When you post a message via the web, there may be a delay between when it appears on the Messages page and when it appears on the homepage in the Updates Stream. Messages that are posted via the web will appear immediately on the Messages page, but might take some time to appear on the homepage.
      - Ad banner at the top of the page replaced by right column square ad
      - Group photo moved to the left (and is now a thumbnail)
      - Now the group's title displays, instead of the group name
      Removed (at least for now)- Answers module
      - Messages module
      - Message history grid
      - Group Tips
      - Best of Yahoo! Groups box
      - Text ads


      New functionality- There are now direct links to applications in the left navigation bar.
      - "My Groups" displays up to five groups, and links to the "My Groups" page
      Changed- The "Edit Membership" button has been renamed to "Settings."
      - A group's description no longer displays directly on its homepage. To access it, you must hover your mouse over the group name, then click the "i" icon.
      - In the left navigation bar, icons now appear along with text
      - The search box in the header now only searches your group, rather than searching for other groups. (Note: Right now the search box only searches your group's message, but eventually it will search all content in the group.)
      - A number of links are now gone from the left hand navigation (although they can still be accessed through the pages that still have the Classic navigation). These include the following:
      • Sub-links under Messages (“Pending,” “Spam?”, “Post,” and “Attachments,” and"Promote")
      • "Pending" (under "Members")
      • The link to "Invite Members" (this now only appears to moderators on the Members page)
      Removed (at least for now)- Custom colors (except on pages that still have the Classic Yahoo! Groups design)
      - Ability to search for other groups from a group.


      New functionality- Messages posted via the web now appear immediately after being posted (assuming that the messages are not moderated; if that is the case, a moderator must approve the message before it appears).
      - Users now have the option to reply in-line without having to reload the page.
      - You can now include attachments when posting a message.
      - A user's profiles images now display with any messages he or she posts (if the user's profile image is public).
      - "Slider" navigation allows you to jump to any point in a group's message history.
      - The Groups website is now in UTF-8, providing better support for message posts in languages other than English.
      Changed- Message viewing options have been simplified. Rather than lots of different viewing options ("Simple," "Summary," "Expanded," "View threaded," "Sort by date"), there is a simple choice between "Conversation" and "Individual View" (the equivalent of "group by topic" and 'individual messages" in the old interface), with messages displayed in summary view by default and users having the option to expand messages one by one.
      - There is no longer a direct link to advanced search; to access advanced search, you must first enter a normal search, then click the "advanced" option.
      - Only moderators "view source" function.
      Removed (at least for now)- Rich text editor
      - Option to reply to an individual user (or the owner address), rather than the group, when posting from web
      - Option for a moderator to reply to a message using the group owner's address (though it is still possible for a moderator to post a new message using the owner address).
      - Text of the message being replied to not included in replies (must be pasted in if a user wants to include)
      - Ability to email an individual user.  
      - Ability to see a user's Yahoo! Messenger status and to send an IM
      - Option for moderators to remove or ban author directly from messages
      - Visible display of message numbers and the box for navigating to messages by message number
      - URLs are not being treated as links. (Note: This is a temporary bug which we hope to have fixed soon.)
      - Option for fixed width font.
      - Option to unwrap lines.


      New functionality- New look and feel and navigation elements
      - Now you can sort photos and albums reverse alphabetically and chronologically, as well as alphabetically and reverse chronologically; previously you could only do this in list view.
      Changed- Dramatically upgraded slideshow functionality
      - The default view in photos is of all images, sorted by recent upload, rather than an album based sort. This obviates the need for a separate "new photos view," since users will automatically see the most recent photos by default.
      - The “zoom in” functionality of All Photos view (when you click, it takes you to the detail view, not a zoomed-in overlay like in Classic)
      Removed (at least for now)- Photo size is no longer displayed in list view


      New functionality- Profile images
      Changed- Moderators get the same view as members by default. For the moderator view, it's necessary to click the "Manage Members" button which brings you (at least for now) to the classic Moderator view.
      - Rather than sorting by column headers, there is drop down list of sort options in the upper right.
      - There is no "Moderators" tab for Members. Instead, to see the moderators and owners, member should sort by "Membership Level," which places the owners first followed by the moderators.
      Removed (at least for now)- Members no longer see the truncated email address displayed (unless the user is an email only member or their email address is their Yahoo! ID) and cannot send other members emails (although again, moderators still have access to users' email addresses through the "Manage Members" page).
      - Members no longer have access to the list of bouncing members.
      - Members can't see the Messenger status of other members or send an IM.

      A note about browsers: We have found that the redesigned Yahoo! Groups site does not function optimally in Internet Explorer 6.0. If you use Internet Explorer, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version for the best experience using Yahoo! Groups.

      September 1, 2010 at 12:28 pm · Filed under General

      Hi, everyone:

      Thank you for your immediate feedback.

      It’s great to see how passionate you are about Yahoo! Groups. We realize change is never easy, and of course, all of us will face some challenges in this transition. While not everyone seems happy with the new design, we appreciate your candid feedback and want to send a special thank-you to members like Denver, Dreadaxe, Melissa Antoine, and Jac, who are taking a step back, recognizing the need for our changes, and offering their support. Your encouraging words mean a great deal to us.

      Yahoo! Groups was one of the very first online social networks, and although our features were robust enough to provide support for our users’ needs when we started, the way we interact online has changed. We’ve worked hard to evolve Yahoo! Groups and incorporate modernized features that will help you communicate with and manage your online communities more effectively.  Our top priority is to stabilize the site, and continue to intake your feedback as we make decisions for the upcoming releases.

      There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the changes actually are, so let me take a moment to clarify a few things.

      1. Once we’ve remodeled all of our groups, there will no longer be an option to switch back and forth between versions. We want to move forward with our modern look and enhanced features, and continue to introduce new improvements on an ongoing basis.

      2. Email Changes? There won’t be any major changes in email communication, you will still be able to receive messages through your email, and nothing will change in that front.

      3. It is true that you will no longer have a Rich Text editor in message formats when posting via the Web. This decision was reached after the continuing requests from our community to simplify creating and reading messages.

      4. Some of you have been asking for a central email service routed to all group owner addresses, to notify them of upcoming changes. We actually have such a group in place, Moderator Central, which I welcome you to join:

      4. We do not have any plans for making Yahoo! Groups a paid service.

      Our Customer Care Team has created a helpful page with a complete list of changes in functionality that you might want to read through.

      Now let me take a moment and address some each of your individual comments:

      • Terry & James & Linda: Navigating content areas in a left-side control area has emerged as a common design practice. Additionally, with everything going on in your groups, making the main view a summary of all these activities was a natural way to ensure members can stay up to date. If you’re a visitor or not a logged in member, you’ll still be able to view the group description and group photo as before. If you’re a group member who is logged in, all you’ll have to do is click the icon to the right of your group’s name.
      • Will Davis: Which features have been taken away from you? Could you clarify so I can address your concerns?
      • Mike Clemens & Jan D: You’ll still have the option to see the whole message and its thread at one time. You’ll also have the option to sort your messages by date/time, as well as by subject. You’ll have both options, and this will make things less confusing.

      We’ll continue to read your input diligently as we move forward with the remodeling. Once again, thank you for your loyalty over the past years. Please understand it’s not our intention to drive away your groups or members, but we do need to address the needs of our community as a whole, and to do so, we have to move forward with the times and update our systems and designs to reflect the evolving needs of our members.

      We’re sure you’ll be pleased once you actually have a chance to see the new look and play around with it.

      Layla & the Yahoo! Groups team

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