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  • Ed Homa
    Morrell is an all time favorite of mine - here is the lastest from his website: WHAT S NEW FOR JUNETHE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSE NEW EDITION       This year
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      Morrell is an all time favorite of mine - here is the lastest from his website:






      This year marks the 25th anniversary of THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSE.  To celebrate, Ballantine is re-releasing the entire BROTHERHOOD trilogy, starting this month, then continuing with THE FRATERNITY OF THE STONE in September and THE LEAGUE OF NIGHT AND FOG (long out of print) early next year. 


      These will have a trade paperback format (the size of a hardback but with a soft cover, the main advantage being easy-to-read print).  For each book, I wrote an afterword that explains the inspiration for these novels and how the trilogy evolved.  I also went through the text and made slight changes for the sake of style and accuracy of fact. 


      The trilogy occupies an important place in the history of espionage novels because it was the first to merge the American tradition (lots of action but inaccurate spy tradecraft) with the British tradition (almost no action but tons of accurate spy procedures).  The idea was to blend Robert Ludlum with John le Carre and to produce something new in the process.  Twenty-five years later, this change is now taken for granted, but in 1984, it was trend-setting.




      The global economic crisis has strongly affected publishers in England , which means that countries such as South Africa , Australia , and New Zealand are also affected inasmuch as most of them depend on publishers based in England .  My former UK publisher, Headline, decided to cut back on the number of books it is publishing.  THE SHIMMER is one of those books.


      If you live in the UK and you’ve been looking forward to reading my upcoming novel, you might be able to acquire the US edition from AmazonUK.  Another option is to go to the EVENTS page of my website and choose one of the US bookstores where I’ll be giving talks in July.  All of them specialize in Internet-ordered books and regularly ship books to other countries.


      To contact one of them, Google the store’s name and then go to its website.   There you’ll find information about how to get in touch with them and have a signed book sent to you.   I know that some of you had trouble finding THE SPY WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS in the UK .  It was available only in paperback, and the holiday thriller was released weirdly in March.  So you might be able to buy the US hardback of that novel also. When I visit the store (whichever one you choose) in July, I’ll sign the book or books for you, and the store will put the package in the mail.


      Happy reading.

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