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  • bigbluehen@aol.com
    I recently finished THE LAZARUS VENDETTA, the most recent in Robert Ludlum’s Covert One series by the series third writer, Patrick Larkin. While I wouldn’t
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 1, 2004
      I recently finished THE LAZARUS VENDETTA, the most recent in Robert
      Ludlum’s Covert One series by the series third writer, Patrick Larkin.
      While I wouldn’t call THE LAZARUS VENDETTA a great book it was a good
      read.  Larkin has an easy to read style and I had no problem getting
      through the technical parts of the book which I find very boring most of
      the time.  I’m looking forward to the next book in the series by

      From Patrick Larkin about THE MOSCOW VECTOR, the next Covert One book
      due out in July:

      Very briefly -- very, very briefly:  Key military and political leaders
      the countries surrounding Russia (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia,
      Kazakhstan, etc.) begin falling ill -- struck down by an undetectable,

      non-infectious, but incurable mystery disease.  (The symptoms mimic
      radiation poisoning.) 
      Key Western intelligence analysts and military planners are also
      affected.  At
      the same time, there are disturbing signs of higher Russian military
      readiness.  And once again, Covert-One is tapped by the president to
      find out just what
      is unfolding...

      Since we are packing to move almost all of my books are already packed
      away, including a large pile of books that I haven’t read.  I had slim
      pickings when looking for a book to read and I ended up beginning to
      reread the first Covert One book, THE HADES FACTOR written by Gayle
      Lynds.  I’m a fan of Gayle and I enjoy her writing so I was excited
      about going back to the beginning of Covert One since I haven’t read
      this books since it first was published.  I’m enjoying this book but I
      have to admit I like Larkin’s writing style on Covert One more than

      Yes – call us nuts – we are moving on Dec 20!  The house is a
      disaster area while we are packing and getting ready to move and get
      holiday stuff completed!

      The new Dirk Pitt book by Clive Cussler and his son Dirk is out, Black
      Sun.  I’ll pick this one up and read it – but if I don’t enjoy it
      more than the last couple DP books I’ll start to pick them up in
      paperback and not hardback.

      The third book in the Stephen Coonts series Deep Cover is out.  Jim
      DeFelice writes the series.

      Speaking of Coonts, the sequel to his book Saucer recently came out.
      Has anyone read either of the Saucer books?  Comments?
      more Covert One scoop from Patrick Larkin:

      He had 15 weeks to plot/write THE LAZARUS VENDETTA because the first
      writer dropped out of the project late.

      THE MOSCOW VECTOR outline/plot was approved in November 04 and St
      Martins wants it released in July 05 - so Larkin will have about the
      same amount of time to write it as he had with THE LAZARUS VENDETTA.
      the first 100 pages are due by 12/15/04 and the completed first draft is
      due 3/15/05.

      the original release date for THE LAZARUS VENDETTA was July 04 but was
      pushed back so THE BOURNE LEGACY could be published in July before the
      release of the movie.  THE LAZARUS VENDETTA could never of met the July
      release date because of the change of writers.
      Ed Homa
      Wilmington, DE
    • bigbluehen@aol.com
      i have to admit - even though i m ashamed to admit it - but BLACK WIND, LOST CITY and SACRD STONE are all sitting on my bookcase unread. i have had no desire
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 13, 2005
        i have to admit - even though i'm ashamed to admit it - but BLACK WIND, LOST CITY and SACRD STONE are all sitting on my bookcase unread.  i have had no desire to read them and i'm a pretty big fan of Kurt Austin.
        not only haven't i read the three Cussler titles to come out this past year - but in July POLAR SHIFT comes out.  what is POLAR SHIFT?  i don't know but i have to assume that it is the new KA book.
        what have i been reading?  i just finished THE KILL ARTIST the first Gabriel Allon novel by Daniel Silva.  the fifth Allon book, PRINCE OF FIRE has just come out in hardback.
        before the Silva book i reread the first three COVERT ONE books.  why did i reread the COVERT ONES?  cause currently this is my favorite continuing series.  is ti the best one out there?  no.  but for some reason Covert One (Ludlum-light) and OpCenter (Clancy-light) are two series that i really enjoy and can't get enough of.
        currently i'm rerading ICEFIRE by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.  why am i rereading ICEFIRE?  i first read it in 1999 - and FREEFALL - the second novel with the characters introduced in ICEFIRE was just released.  i don't know if i'm going to go right to FREEFALL when i finish ICEFIRE - infact i doubt i will - i might read the second Gabriel Allon book - but i will read FREEFALL in the next month or two.
        THE KILL ARTIST, ICEFIRE and the COVERT ONE and OpCenter are pretty good reads - not great but worth the time.
        gotta go and get back to ICEFIRE and then decide what i'm going to read after i finish it.............
        Ed Homa
        Wilmington, DE
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