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Re: [Cussler-DirkPitt] Re: Cyclops

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  • bigbluehen@aol.com
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2004
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      <<<<<Ed -- glad to see you're back in reading form.  When not, hopefully the Wilmington Royals/Blue Rocks (?) are providing for entertainment than their major league club.  The Royals have performed so poorly that it's time for a trip to the library!
      Alex B in KC>>>>>
      yep - they are called the Blue Rocks - Go Rocks!
      the Rocks have the best winning percentage in the minor leagues the past 10 or so years - they have been to the playoffsa 10 times in 12 or so years and have won 5 league titles!
      speaking of the Royals - i'll be driving up the road to Philly to see my Phillies in their new home with my dad the night before Father's Day to see the Fightin's (Fightin' Phillies - sometimes called just the Fightin's around here) take on the Royals.
      Ed Homa
      Wilmington, DE
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