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News Digest March 10, 2012

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      If you cannot see the images or links in this newsletter, please visit the News section of the Elegant Plus website at:

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      In the News:
      March 10, 2012
      Meet the models breaking the mould: Bring on the wrinkles... and the spare tyre and the brains, too. Because you don't have to be a silly, skinny teenager to make it in modelling these days....When Tara Lynn walked into a modelling agency in Seattle on a whim four and a half years ago, they signed her on the spot. Of course they did – she is ridiculously, deliciously beautiful. But what makes someone who, at a UK size 16, had felt alienated by the fashion industry for years put themselves in a position where their body is going to be judged? Partly, Lynn needed the money while studying, but it also becomes clear, after speaking to her, that she is highly self-confident and feels that, while her size might not be considered "right" by the usual standards of the fashion industry, it is right for her.

      Everyone Knows Obesity Is Hurting Us, But Is the Fight Against Obesity the Problem?: Does it ever seem like you're hearing the same things about weight over and over? Witnessing the depressing cycle of failed public initiatives and fruitless personal efforts to trim our waistlines, who wouldn't wish for a more hopeful angle or some alternative facts on the old story?

      Fortunately, an alternative viewpoint is out there, and those facts are available, even if they can be hard to hear over the societal clamor of food fear and body bias. Getting to this information requires tuning out the loud "everyone knows" claims about obesity, shape and diet. It means questioning health "experts" who themselves have failed to question. It requires adopting a new, more skeptical mantra, like the one we use in the movement known as Health at Every Size (HAES). "Show me the data," we demand, and you should, too.

      Whole grains may aid fat loss, boost heart health: Study: Consuming foods made with whole grains may aid weight loss, lead to less body fat, and improve cholesterol levels, says a new study from Europe.

      Too Fat or Too Thin – Can The Law Help?: If we recognize that eating disorders are related to obesity, lawmakers in Boston and in Massachusetts can help more kids at risk.....S. Bryn Austin, ScD, says eating disorders are in our “blind spot” in the push to prevent childhood obesity. Dr. Austin is the director of STRIPED (Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders), based at the Harvard School of Public Health and Children’s Hospital Boston. Here’s an example of the link between the two: “Overweight youths are at higher risk than healthy-weight peers for disordered weight-control behaviors and binge eating,” Austin writes. For successful prevention, we need to understand that eating disorders and obesity are intertwined.


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