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Friendship with Cuba boosts economic ties

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  • Walter Lippmann
    Friendship with Cuba boosts economic ties 16:54 02/01/2008 (GMT+7) http://english.vietnamnet.vn/politics/2008/01/762222/ VietNamNet Bridge - Cuban Ambassador
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      Friendship with Cuba boosts economic ties
      16:54' 02/01/2008 (GMT+7)


      VietNamNet Bridge - Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Jesus Aise Sotolongo spoke
      to Viet Nam News about his country's Victory Day, which was celebrated

      How can Vietnam and Cuba enhance their relationship, especially their
      economic and trade ties?

      Jesus Aise Sotolongo
      Ambassador Jesus Aise Sotolongo.
      Several significant events enhanced Cuba-Vietnam relationships last year,
      especially their bilateral economic ties.

      The visit by Viet Nam Communist Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh to
      Cuba in May was an important milestone for the parties of both countries and
      helped strengthen political relations and economic ties.

      Several memoranda of understanding for economic as well as science and
      technology co-operation were signed during the visit and these attracted
      international interest.

      There were also visits by Vietnam's Construction Minister and Vietnam-Cuba
      Joint Committee president Nguyen Hong Quan; Viet Nam State Bank Governor
      Nguyen Van Giau and former Industry Minister Hoang Trung Hai.

      Cubans, who made official visits to Vietnam last year, included Politburo
      member and Parliament chairman Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada; politburo member
      and Basic Industry Minister Yadira Garcia; Central Committee secretary and
      its External Relations Committee director Fernando Remires de Estenoz;
      Revolutionary Command and Information and Communications Minister Ramiro
      Valdez and Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

      The exchange visits proved that our bilateral political ties are sound and
      at their meetings, the leaders discussed measures to enhance economic
      co-operation between Cuba and Vietnam.

      Cuba's State Minister Ricardo Cabrisas, Construction Minister Fidel Figueroa
      and Light Industry Minister Jose Hemandez also visited Vietnam.

      These visits had a positive influence on enhancing economic and trade
      relations as well as co-operation between the two countries.

      Vietnamese delegates and business representatives met with their Cuban
      partners to discuss the promotion of co-operation during the 25th meeting of
      the Vietnam-Cuba Joint Committee in Havana last year.

      Minutes for co-operation, including an inter-government protocol for
      Economic and Science and Technology Co-operation, were signed during the

      Other minutes were signed for co-operation in tourism, construction, sport
      and physical training, finance, rice cultivation, oil and gas, information
      and communications, archives building, the environment and technology,
      biological technology, radio and television and investment enhancement and

      All now need the attention of both countries, business as well as their
      embassies in Havana and Hanoi.

      The potential to expand trade between Vietnam and Cuba is high.

      Vietnam can export light industrial products to Cuba and import biological
      products in return.

      Vietnam can also boost co-operation with Cuba in food hygiene and
      construction consultancy.

      I think a significant progress in the enhancing of ties is the establishment
      of representative offices of Cuban economic groups in Vietnam.

      These include the Cubalse Group, the Enterprise Administration Group and the
      Cimex Group.

      What advice have you for Vietnamese who want to invest in Cuba?

      There are many opportunities to do business in Cuba. The priorities are
      tourism, oil and gas, light industry and construction.

      My advice to Vietnamese businesses is to study Cuba's market and Foreign
      Investment Law thoroughly and establish partnerships with Cuban businesses
      to identify opportunities for developing co-operation to the mutual benefit
      of both countries, if they want to be successful.

      The traditional relationship between Vietnam-Cuba is a solid foundation for
      the strengthening of economic ties between the two countries.

      Cuba at a glance

      Area: 110,860sq.km

      Population: over 11.3mil

      Capital: Havana

      Language: Spanish

      Currency: Peso

      National Flag: Five blue and white horizontal bands (blue at top and bottom)
      with a five-pointed star enclosed by a red triangle at the top of the flag.

      We know that both Cuba's and Vietnam's leaders support Cuba's economic
      development. They want Cuban and Vietnamese enterprises to co-operate
      closely in taking concrete action for the economic development of both

      Cuba's education and health services are renowned throughout the world. Is
      it possible to share your experiences about their development with Vietnam?

      Cuba's achievements in health and education are recognised by the
      international community. They are the result of proper investment and sound
      management by the Cuban government.

      Each country has its own management methods for socio-economic development.
      I think the two countries have recorded achievements.

      Both should now enhance co-operation and exchange their experiences so as to
      increase the people's quality of life.

      (Source: Viet Nam News)
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