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Re: Cuba tight-lipped on WBC plans

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  • Matthew Dubuque
    Cuba has lots of legitimate beefs with this whole process and it is by NO MEANS guaranteed they will participate. As the second best team in the world, only
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2007
      Cuba has lots of legitimate beefs with this whole process and it is
      by NO MEANS guaranteed they will participate.

      As the second best team in the world, only losing to an incredible
      team from Japan, why is that they are trying to forbid Cuba from
      hosting any games in the next World Baseball Classic? What makes
      that fair?

      And there is so much more. The repeated hijacking of the games by
      face time being given to wackos from Miami who have nothing to do
      with baseball. Why don't they allow broadcasts of people protesting
      the Iraq war or Guantanamo torture?

      Because any notions of free and equal treatment for all teams is a
      farce when it comes to the USA.

      Despite it all the Cuban team, with a payroll of 6,000 dollars beat
      combined payrolls of 250 million dollars to reach the finals, much to
      the surprise of the cretins at Sports Illustrated and CNN who know
      next to nothing about fundamental baseball in general or the Cuban
      team capabilities in particular.

      The Cuban team beat the PANTS off the highly touted Dominican
      Republic in the Semi finals, making the likes of Albert Pujols,
      Miguel Tejada and David Ortiz (of the "world champion" Red Sox this
      year) look like little wimps struggling against good pitching.
      The highly celebrated US team finished around 7th, losing to Mexico
      of all teams. They kept swinging on the first pitch like a bunch of
      monkeys. And it isn't that they were out of practice in the spring.

      Far from it. Ichiro Suzuki of the Japan championship team, who is a
      star in the Major Leagues, played incredibly well against Cuba,
      smacking a double in the late innings to seal the Cuban fate.

      And the denial of a visa for Fidel to travel to see his team in the
      San Diego for the finals was pathetic and asinine.

      My bets are that if the fascists of Major League Baseball don't allow
      Cuba to host some games, they might well skip this round.

      To hell with fascism!


      --- In CubaNews@yahoogroups.com, Walter Lippmann <walterlx@...> wrote:
      > Cuba tight-lipped on WBC plans
      > Posted: Tuesday October 30, 2007 10:54PM; Updated: Tuesday October
      30, 2007 10:55PM
      > HAVANA (AP) -- Cuba confirmed Tuesday it has received an invitation
      to play in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, but wouldn't say whether
      it plans to participate.
      > Jose Ramon Fernandez, a Cuban vice president and head of the
      island's Olympic Committee, told The Associated Press that officials
      received an invitation from Major League Baseball to compete in the
      second installment of the international tournament.
      > "We at the Cuban Olympic Committee have officially received the
      invitation for the second World Baseball Classic," Fernandez said. He
      would not say when the invitation arrived, nor respond to further
      > Major League Baseball officials have said for weeks that an
      invitation was sent to Cuba, but that they have yet to receive a
      > MLB and its players' association jointly ran the first edition of
      the WBC last year, when Japan beat Cuba 10-6 in the final at San
      Diego. While a formal decision hasn't been made, it appears the
      second WBC will be played in March 2009.
      > Details are likely to be announced at the winter meetings Dec. 3-6
      in Nashville, Tenn. The tournament field is expected to remain at 16
      teams. There could be a few changes in the countries participating,
      but probably not many.
      > Despite Fernandez's silence on the subject, Cuba is expected to
      play. On Monday, Yulieski Gourriel, a 21-year-old infielder who
      starred for the island's national team during the first WBC, said: "I
      am thinking about the 2009 classic where our revenge will be pending."
      > "Just like the fans, we have only one objective: to win," he
      said. "We aren't content with second place."
      > Cuba thinks several countries, not just the United States, should
      organize the tournament and that nations should have to earn berths
      through international victories, rather than simply accepting U.S.
      invitations to play.
      > The issue is a sore spot with political undertones for Cuba. In
      December 2005, the U.S. Treasury Department denied the communist-run
      island a permit to participate after Fidel Castro had personally
      confirmed his country's team would accept American invitations to
      > It took an appeal by Major League Baseball and a promise by Cuba
      that any winnings would go to Hurricane Katrina relief -- thus
      ensuring no money went to Castro's government -- to reverse that
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