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TODAY: Student Week in Solidarity with the Cuban 5 Begins! (Vancouver, Canada)

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  • Tamara Hansen
    ***Please forward widely*** Sept. 12-Oct. 8: International Campaign to Free the 5 Cuban Heroes Held in U.S. Jails! September 12th, 2007 will mark the beginning
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2007
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      ***Please forward widely***

      Sept. 12-Oct. 8: International Campaign to Free
      the 5 Cuban Heroes Held in U.S. Jails!

      September 12th, 2007 will mark the beginning of the
      tenth year of criminal imprisonment of the 5 Cuban
      Heroes in the U.S. Action will be taken around the
      world from September 12th to October 8th to highlight
      this cruel punishment and demand freedom for the 5.
      The following events will be taking place in Vancouver
      to coincide with this great international effort
      including the first ever “Student Week to Free the
      Cuban 5”.

      * * * * *
      * * * * *

      |>~ * * * * *

      Monday - October 1

      Forum + Discussion
      Forum Chambers
      (Maggie Benston Centre)

      Co-organized with:
      Mobilization Against War & Occupation- SFU

      |>~ * * * * *

      Tuesday - October 2

      Forum + Discussion
      Spindle Whorl Room
      (Students' Unions Building)

      |>~ * * * * *

      Wednesday - October 3

      Forum + Discussion
      Cedar Theatre
      (Cedar Building)

      |>~ * * * * *

      Thursday - October 4

      Forum + Discussion
      Students' Union Building Room #42U
      (Near "the Delly")

      Co-organized with:
      AMS Coalition Against War on the People of Iraq &

      |>~ * * * * *

      Friday - October 5

      Forum + Discussion
      Chilean Housing Co-op
      (3390 School Ave.)

      Co-organized with:
      Solidarity Coalition for a United Latin America

      |>~ * * * * *

      Sunday - October 7
      "THE TRIAL"

      ~ Western Canada Premiere of the New Film ~

      SFU Harbour Centre
      (515 W. Hastings St., Downtown, Vancouver)

      Co-organized with:
      Mobilization Against War & Occupation- SFU

      |>~ * * * * *

      Between 1994 and 1995, Cuba sent five unarmed men,
      Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino,
      Fernando González and René González on a mission to
      infiltrate and expose Miami-based terrorist groups
      such as Alpha 66, Omega 7, Brothers to the Rescue and
      the Cuban American National Foundation, the financial
      backbone of all anti-Cuban terrorist groups. These
      groups are responsible for hundreds of terrorist
      attacks which have taken the lives of thousands of

      The list of atrocities committed by these groups is
      long. It includes the bombing of hotels in Cuba,
      assassinations, spreading diseases, sabotage and
      attacks against Cuba’s supporters in the U.S. such as
      the bombing of the Lincoln Center in 1978 after a
      Cuban ballet. One of the most horrendous attacks was
      the bombing of a Cuban airliner, which took the lives
      of 73 people in 1976. The 5 Cuban Heroes were
      valiantly struggling against this terror, putting
      themselves and their loved ones in mortal danger
      throughout the process.

      After gathering evidence to expose the terrorists,
      Cuba released all the information that the 5 had
      collected to the FBI. On September 12th, 1998 the FBI
      kidnapped the Cuban 5 and put them in solitary
      confinement for 17 months. It was not until 2001 that
      these innocent men were tried and convicted. After a
      seven-month show trial (one of the longest in U.S.
      history), the Cuban 5 were sentenced to between 15
      years and two life sentences, in some cases barred
      from even seeing their families.

      Join us in the battle to free the 5 Cuban Heroes held
      in U.S. Jails!

      |>~ * * * * *

      Organized by:
      Free the Cuban 5 Committee-Vancouver (FC5C) &
      Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC)

      604.719.6947 | cuban5_van@...

      |>~ * * * * *

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    • LaborExchange@aol.com
      Cuba/Venezuela/Mexico/North America Labor Conference - IV Conferencia Cuba/Venezuela/Mexico/Norte America December, 7,8 and 9,● Diciembre,7,8 y 9 2007
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 1, 2007
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        Cuba/Venezuela/Mexico/North America Labor Conference - IV

        Conferencia Cuba/Venezuela/Mexico/Norte America

        December, 7,8 and 9,● Diciembre,7,8 y 9 2007

        ¡La lucha obrera no tiene fronteras! The workers’ struggle has no

        � borders!

        U.S.-Cuba/Venezuela/International Relations�

        FTAA/NAFTA: the ALBA Alternative

        Immigration between US/Latin America– Inmigración entre Estados y

        In response to the repeated denial of visas by the U.S. State
        Department to tour the U.S., three Cuban leaders of the Confederation
        of Cuban Workers (CTC) will visit Tijuana, Mexico, a city 15 minutes
        from the San Diego US/ Mexico border. This conference will give
        people from North America (the United States, Canada and Mexico) the
        opportunity to hear first hand from the Cubans about Cuba’s workers
        and their unions. Also, you will hear from leaders of the Venezuelan
        union, UNT, about the present situation of the Venezuelan revolution
        and the issues facing Venezuelan workers, representatives of Bolivia
        and Nicaragua discussing the social movements there, and the social
        and labor movements in the United States.

        The cost to attend is $55 per person to cover the expenses of the

        En respuesta a la repetida negacion del otorgamiento de visas para
        visitar a los Estados Unidos de Norte America a 3 lideres sindicales
        Cubanos de la Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), ellos visitaran
        Tijuana, Mexico, una ciudad a 15 minutos de San Diego, CA. USA.la
        frontera Mexico/EE.UU.. Esta conferencia le brindará la oportunidad
        a las trabajadores de Norte America de obtener información de
        primera mano sobre la situación de los trabajadores Cubanos y sus
        sindicatos y sobre la realidad cubana actual., ustedes escucharán de
        lideres sindicalistas Venezolanos de la UNT (Unión Nacional de
        Trabajadores), acerca de la situación actual de la Revolucion

        Invited Panelists/Invitados (partial):

        CUBA: Raymundo Navarro Fernandez, Director of Foreign Relations of
        the C.T.C. of Cuba;

        Carmen Godines,Director of the Americas, Dept. of Foreign Relations
        of the CTC;

        Andres Luis Morejon Ballarte, Americas Depto. of ICAP

        VENEZUELA: Representantes de la U.N.T. de Venezuela,

        BOLIVIA: Representante Internacional de Bolivia,

        NICARAGUA: Maritza del Socorro Espinales, Secretaria General de la
        Federacion de Sindicatos Universitarios

        MEXICO/Estados Unidos: Elvira Arellano, Emma Lozano: La Familia
        Latina Unida, Chicago

        MEXICO: Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas (SME)

        � SPONSORS (partial):

        U.S./Cuba Labor Exchange; Sindicato Mexicano de Electricistas (SME);
        World Organization for the Right of the People to Healthcare, SEIU
        1199 NY; National Network on Cuba (NNOC); Venezuela Solidarity
        Network (VSN); International Action Center (IAC); Cuba Solidarity New
        York (CSNY); Southwest Workers Union, San Antonio, Texas; C.O.M.P.A.,
        Converjencia de los Movimientos de los Pueblos de Las Americas; Peace
        and Freedom Party - California; Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of
        NY; CUSSP, Cuba-U.S. Sustainability Project ...

        Conference Registration/ Datos para su inscripción a la Conferencia:


        Address/Direccion:__________________________City,State, Zip/Ciudad,
        Estado, Zona postal:_______________________

        Phone/Telefono:__________Fax:___________ Email/Correo


        [ ]Enclosed is my registration fee of $ 55 U.S. dollars

        [ ]Envio mi registro y mi donacion de� 55 dolares US y quisiera
        aportar la cantidad de $_______para aquellos participantes de bajo

        [ ] I would like to give a donation of $ ________ for a low-income

        Mail your registration� -Envíelo por correo a:

        US/Cuba Labor Exchange ● P.O. BOX 39188 ● Redford MI 48239 ●
        Phone/Fax: (313) 561-8330 ● Email: laborexchange@...

        Reservations can be made at: Reservaciones de Hotel:

        Hotel Palacio Azteca

        Blvd Cuauhtemoc Sur #213 Colonia Davila

        22400 Tijuana, Mexico

        Toll Free from USA 1 888 901 3720 Toll Free From Mexico 01 8000266660

        Single/Sencilla Room $86US Dollars Double/doble Room $119 US Dollars

        (This will included two breakfasts and one dinner)

        (Este precio incluye dos desayunos y una cena)

        Please mention the/Favor de mencionar para un descueanto al: Cuba
        Labor Conference to get the discounted price.

        Reservations should be made as soon as possible/Realice su
        reservación lo antes possible.
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