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James Brown helped sustain the '60s

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  • Walter Lippmann
    TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT Article published Jan 3, 2007 James Brown helped sustain the 60s
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      Article published Jan 3, 2007
      James Brown helped sustain the '60s


      "Ladeez and gentlemen, what you have been way-tenng farr, Mizter Dynomite, Soul Brutha Number One, the God Farthur of So-ole, the Harrr-dess Working Man in Sho-Bidnezzz. Put yo handz too-gathur far Misturrr Jay-Aims B'Rownnn!!!!"

      James Brown, soul legend, genius extraordinaire and American icon, as an artist of conscience, belonged to the era of Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Tommy Smith, Huey Newton, Angela Davis, Adam Clayton Powell and Stokely Carmichael. His genius and energies helped to define and sustain the struggles of the 1960s and beyond, from Sumpter, S.C., to Soweto, South Africa. He was needed. Voiceless, underrepresented Americans were fed positive energy in the struggle for human rights, dignity and equality thanks to the Godfather of Soul.

      His passing underscores the deep winter winds blowing upon that genre of music called soul, rhythm and blues. Heaven's soulful bandstand received many new recruits in 2006.

      James Brown would exit the stage casting off dazzling capes. This time, he has attained a white robe designated for those who come out of great tribulation and have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb. Rest, Godfather.

      Leon County commissioner
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