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Cuban Terrorist-Hunters, in Chains, Charged in Florida

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    Via NY Transfer News * All the News That Doesn t Fit [Another rather obvious indication that fighting international terrorism is contrary to the interests of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2001
      Via NY Transfer News * All the News That Doesn't Fit

      [Another rather obvious indication that fighting international
      terrorism is "contrary to the interests of the United States"
      Government. --NY Tranfer]

      source - Orlando Sun Sentinel <orlandosentinel.com>

      September 5, 2001

      Pair to face trial on spy charges in Miami

      The Orlando couple were arrested Friday and charged with being part of a
      Cuban spy ring.

      By Jon Steinman
      Orlando Sun Sentinel

      The Orlando couple accused of being members of a Cuban spy ring in Florida
      waived their detention hearing in U.S. District Court in Orlando on Tuesday
      -- paving the way for both to be transported to Miami where their trial will

      The couple's arraignment date has not been set but is expected soon. They
      were expected to be transported to Miami either Tuesday afternoon or this
      morning by the U.S. Marshal's Service.

      George and Marisol Gari can still seek a detention hearing later but waived
      their chance for one Tuesday so that they can first have defense attorneys
      appointed to handle their case. The public defenders representing the couple
      in Orlando on Tuesday will not be the same attorneys appointed to handle
      their trial, said Fletcher Peacock, an assistant federal defense attorney
      for George Gari.

      George Gari, 41, and Marisol Gari, 42, appeared briefly in court Tuesday,
      bound in leg and arm shackles and wearing red jail jumpsuits. George Gari
      recently worked for the national defense contractor Lockheed-Martin in the
      Orlando area. Both were arrested Friday and identified by federal
      investigators as foreign agents operating under the code names Luis and
      Margot. Federal agents charged the couple with working with five spies of
      Cuba's "Wasp Network," who were convicted of espionage conspiracy in June.

      The five are awaiting sentencing in Miami.

      The Garis stand accused of trying to penetrate the United States Southern
      Command in Miami by placing an agent in a job there. Southern Command staff
      coordinate all military activities, and much of the anti-drug activities,
      run by the United States in Central and South America.

      The couple are also accused of trying to spy on the Cuban-American National
      Foundation and one of its leaders and providing intelligence to agents of
      the Cuban military in Havana.

      The couple, according to their indictment, were to function as spies "by
      gathering and transmitting information to the Cuban government concerning
      United States government functions and installations, by informing on
      anti-Castro Cuban political groups in Miami-Dade County, and by carrying out
      other operational directives of the Cuban government."

      The Garis moved to Orlando less than a year ago. George Gari was born in
      Brooklyn but grew up in Cuba, where his wife was born and raised. Both have
      submitted to interviews with federal agents, but government attorneys
      refused to comment on whether, or how much, the pair have cooperated with
      government investigators.

      If convicted, they would face less than 10 years in prison, said Peacock

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