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Former Alpha-66 Terrorist, born-again "peaceful exile," indicted!

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    Via NY Transfer News * All the News That Doesn t Fit [We shall see... is this window-dressing, designed to deflect attention from the protest movement again
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2001
      Via NY Transfer News * All the News That Doesn't Fit

      [We shall see... is this window-dressing, designed to deflect attention
      from the protest movement again the illegitimate jailing of 7 Cubans who were
      keeping an eye on anti-Cuba terrorists .. and to deflect scrutiny of the US
      CIA's decades-old incestuous relationship with the terrorists they trained?
      Is this an empty PR exercise? Or will they start confiscating the boats and
      planes that violate Cuba's territory, and will they keep the CIA's trained
      scum in jail? We shall see... -- NY Transfer]


      MIAMI, Sept 5 (Reuters) - A prominent Cuban exile leader who organizes
      protests at sea against Cuban President Fidel Castro was indicted by a
      Florida federal grand jury on charges he entered Cuban territorial waters in
      violation of U.S. regulations, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

      Ramon Saul Sanchez, head of a Miami exile group called Democracy Movement who
      preaches nonviolent civil disobedience, faces charges of conspiracy and
      violating a U.S. presidential proclamation. He was indicted by a federal
      grand jury in Key West and could be sentenced to 10 years in prison on each
      of the two counts if convicted.

      Saul, a familiar public figure during the saga of Cuban shipwreck survivor
      Elian Gonzalez, frequently leads flotillas of exile boats to the edge of
      Cuban territorial waters in the Florida Straits, where he holds memorial
      services for Cuban migrants who have died trying to leave the communist-ruled
      Caribbean island in small boats.

      U.S. authorities say he entered Cuban waters during such a memorial flotilla
      on July 14, in violation of a proclamation issued in 1996 by then-President
      Bill Clinton.

      The proclamation, in response to the February 1996 downing by Cuban fighter
      jets of two exile planes over the Florida Straits, declared that the Cuban
      government had demonstrated a "ready and reckless willingness to use
      excessive force, including deadly force, in the ostensible enforcement of its

      It prohibited certain vessels from departing what is known as the South
      Florida Security Zone with the intent to enter Cuban territorial waters.

      Prosecutors said Saul, a Cuban native who has frequently declared that he has
      the right under international law to enter Cuban waters, had previously
      acknowledged that the presidential proclamation was a valid exercise of U.S.

      Two other men who were on Saul's boat, Alberto Perez and Pablo Rodriguez,
      also were named in the indictment.

      Saul took a leading role in Cuban exile protests against the U.S.
      government's ultimately successful efforts to return Elian Gonzalez, who
      survived a disastrous migrant smuggling voyage in which his mother died, to
      his father in Cuba.

      18:11 09-05-01

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