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Closing prison would show leadership (letters to L.A. Times)

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  • Walter Lippmann
    LOS ANGELES TIMES LETTERS Closing prison would show leadership May 29, 2006 Re War on Terror Has Hurt Rights, Group Says, May 23 Amnesty International is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
      Closing prison would show leadership May 29, 2006

      Re "War on Terror Has Hurt Rights, Group Says," May 23

      Amnesty International is the latest human rights group
      to criticize alleged U.S. torture of prisoners, also citing China and
      Russia for human rights violations. Previously, the United Nations
      Committee Against Torture urged the U.S. to end rendition and secret
      prisons, and Human Rights Watch urged the U.S. to accept the
      recommendations of the U.N. committee.

      International leaders and human rights agencies have criticized
      indefinite detention of prisoners at Guantanamo who have yet to be
      charged, and they have called for closure of the prison.

      When will the Bush administration acknowledge the criticism and
      recommendations of these bodies that are respected worldwide? How
      much longer will denials and justifications obfuscate the reality of
      conditions in prisons under U.S. control?

      As more released prisoners from Guantanamo and other prisons tell
      their stories, evidence mounts that torture has been practiced and
      sanctioned by the U.S.

      Surely, torture is an indefensible and illegal practice that this
      administration can no longer justify in the name of national security
      and the war on terror.


      Los Angeles


      Without a doubt, the war on terror is failing on several grounds and
      sparking an increase in human rights abuses. As Americans, we should
      be extremely concerned that the country associated with freedom and
      democracy is increasingly being associated with prison-abuse scandals
      and hypocrisy.

      Our government should be the leader in enforcing human rights without
      compromising national security. Instead of reducing our human rights
      standards for the so-called war on terror, we must be at the
      forefront of protecting our citizens and upholding basic human rights
      for every person.

      We should close the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or at least
      subject the prisoners to a valid due-process system. Such measures
      would weaken our enemies' rhetoric against us and make the U.S. a
      stronger moral nation.


      Huntington Beach
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