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Bush's Global Concerns (WSJ)

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  • Walter Lippmann
    ASIALINKS DAILY VIEW Bush s Global Concerns By FREDERICK KEMPE THE WALL STREET JOURNAL October 31, 2005 A nasty side-effect of President Bush s domestic
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      Bush's Global Concerns
      October 31, 2005

      A nasty side-effect of President Bush's domestic problems is
      America's increasing difficulty in getting its way abroad. Mr. Bush
      has never been popular overseas, but even his critics should worry
      about the potential erosion of U.S. influence on issues ranging from
      Iraq to world trade.

      The list of recent examples is a long one. It ranges from U.S.
      failure to advance the Iran nuclear issue at the United Nations'
      Security Council to the indignity of the EU siding with countries
      like Cuba and China in U.N. talks about the Internet's future.
      Moreover, the U.S. will be hard-pressed to advance a trade deal this

      Amid all his problems, Mr. Bush has two things going for him. His
      economy remains relatively strong, and financial markets held steady
      Friday despite the indictment of Vice President Cheney's top aide.
      Also, Mr. Bush is only in the first year of his second term has time
      to recover.

      Treasury Secretary John Snow provides one possible policy route in an
      exclusive interview with correspondent Robert Guy Matthews: a tax
      reform that the President could implement next year, if he so wishes.


      Frederick Kempe, an assistant managing editor of The Wall Street
      Journal, has spent his career tracking global political, economic and
      business issues. Until recently, he was the editor and associate
      publisher of the Wall Street Journal Europe. As a correspondent he
      covered stories including the rise of Solidarity in Poland, the
      unification of Germany and the collapse of the Soviet Union, and he
      reported on wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon. He is the author
      of three books: "Father/Land, a Personal Search for the New Germany,"
      "Siberian Odyssey, a Voyage into the Russian Soul" and "Divorcing the
      Dictator: America's Sordid Affair With Noriega." He is a graduate of
      University of Utah and Columbia University. Write to Frederick Kempe
      at fred.kempe@....
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